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“More than diplomacy, friendship”: China and Venezuela celebrate 50 years of relations

Ambassador Lan Hu recalled that it was thanks to the "visionary Hugo Chávez" that China approached Latin America.

The Ambassador of China in Venezuela, Lan Hu, offered a press conference this Thursday in which he announced a series of activities that will be carried out within the framework of the celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between China and Venezuela, a fact that It will be celebrated next June 28.

In the meeting held at the embassy headquarters, Lan took a tour of the successful bilateral relations, which became a Strategic Alliance in the midst of the Bolivarian revolution and thanks to the broad vision of Commander Hugo Chávez, who turned his strategic gaze towards the east.

The Ambassador mentioned that on the occasion of the upcoming celebration, the diplomatic corps and the Chinese community in Venezuela are preparing an agenda of meetings to further unite our peoples within the framework of this celebration.

Ambassador Lan Hu expressed his satisfaction with the level of relations that exist between both countries. Photo María Isabel Batista

As a first activity, there will be a symphonic concert by the Shanghai Traditional Orchestra and the National Orchestra System of Venezuela, which will take place on June 23 at the Teresa Carreño Theater. Secondly, there will be a thematic photographic exhibition on the 50 years of friendship between the two countries, which will take place in those same spaces on June 26.

On the anniversary itself, June 28, there will be cultural activities and an official reception with the opening of envelopes, which is a Chinese custom to express good wishes.

Activities will continue during the month of July with the performance of the Shanyou University Orchestra at the Teresa Carreño on July 6. In the future, Ambassador Lan Hu announced that a concert by the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra and an upcoming Chinese film series will be presented in the months of September and October of this year.

A relationship based on friendship and respect

Ambassador Lan Hu expressed that the success of relations between China and Venezuela lies in respect and the intention to cooperate on issues of common interest, such as peace, the development of peoples and a multipolar world vision.

For the diplomat, the role played by Hugo Chávez was crucial in determining the current level of bilateral relations. Photo María Isabel Batista

“When we talk about these 50 years of friendship, we cannot forget that great hero, that pioneer who is our eternal Commander Hugo Chávez. He was the one who guided the vision of Venezuela from west to east, from north to south. He is the same one who opened the doors of cooperation between China and Venezuela,” the Ambassador recalled.

In this sense, he expressed that from then on, the relations between our countries have not only occurred on a commercial and political level, but have become true and deep ties of friendship.

He highlighted that thanks to this step, true cooperation has been achieved in important areas such as energy, technology, industry and even the launch of satellites, but also important collaboration in infrastructure, education and professional exchange.

Sanctions, blockade and necessary cooperation

In his exchange with the press, the Chinese ambassador expressed on behalf of his government the rejection of the imposition of unilateral sanctions against Venezuela and against any other country, something that China has denounced in different scenarios.

"Since 2017, Venezuela has suffered illegal sanctions and the blockade of the United States and its allies, which caused problems and difficulties in social life, which effectively affected cooperation between China and Venezuela," Lan acknowledged, while being blunt in saying that his country opposes these sanctions and firmly supports the country in its claim.

He insisted that the motivation of Washington and its allies in placing these sanctions is the political destabilization of countries that do not agree with their designs, and that his own country has been affected by these aggressive policies.

“The United States has also decided to affect China's development processes, applying taxes and unilateral sanctions, just as is happening in Venezuela,” he commented.

He expressed that what these measures have caused is serious damage to the global supply chain, which is why I see it necessary to work, as Venezuela and China are doing, in tirelessly denouncing this type of practices through the International Organization of Commerce and other platforms “to safeguard our legitimate rights.”

He said that China applies its reciprocity policies with an anti-sanctions law, but that they continue to consider that the way to overcome these types of practices lies in “mutually beneficial cooperation” as a defense for global development.

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