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More than 18 thousand Cicpc officials sign against coercive measures

Douglas Rico pointed out that it is about rejecting "criminal sanctions" which, among other things, make it difficult to acquire high-tech equipment.

This Friday, the national director general of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminalistic Investigation Corps (Cicpc), C/G Douglas Rich, reported that more than 18 thousand officials of this entity from all over the country signed in rejection of the unilateral coercive measures applied by the North American government against the Venezuelan people, according to a press release from Mpprijp. 

From the headquarters of the San Agustín Police Corps in Caracas, the Commissioner General pointed out that “this is a great day where the Venezuelan people manifest the celebration of democracy and sovereignty, which tells the government of the American president, Joe Biden, no to sanctions, remove the unilateral coercive measures, today we ask, we demand that they be respected, it is a right that we Venezuelans have (…) sovereignty is respected, remove the criminal sanctions that your government and the previous one imposed on Venezuela.”

On the other hand, he stated that these measures applied by the United States affect the investment in high-tech equipment, which allows progress in crime investigation; However, “the Bolivarian Government reinvented an action plan to re-emerge and continue preparing to overcome the blockade.”

Cicpc officials committed to the country

“Here is the Cicpc, with all its men and women, in this great party, as Caribbean people that we are and who want a prosperous future for our country; "And what better way to demonstrate it than to continue protecting Venezuela from imported crime that has been sent to us to harm Venezuelan families," said Rico González.

Finally, he stated that criminal investigation officials continue their preparation through new techniques that have been born from the creativity of police professionals to continue fulfilling their functions in favor of security and justice.

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