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Maduro: Venezuela is at peace, free, sovereign and independent

He stated that Venezuela is at peace, with stability, united and envisions a future of independence, well-being and happiness.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, assured this Friday during the commemorative events of the 213th anniversary of the signing of the Independence Act and Day of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) that today, July 5, 213 years after the Homeland It is at peace, free, sovereign and independent. “For the glory of our founding fathers, for the glory of the father and mother who made supreme sacrifice to give us this free land.”

He reaffirmed that he holds the military reins of the Nation. “Mission accomplished, Venezuela is at peace, in stability, united and dreaming of a promising and great future, of independence, well-being and happiness,” he said.

From the courtyard of the Bolivarian Military University in Fuerte Tiuna, Caracas, the head of state expressed the message of the real and deep conscience of the FANB refounded in its original, anti-colonial principles. “An army that was born as the most powerful that has ever existed.”

When asked for permission to begin the civic-military parade, he emphasized that the shared message translates into the real and deep awareness of a Bolivarian National Armed Force refounded in its principles of Bolívar, Miranda, Sucre, Urdaneta and Zamora.

He highlighted that this is the anti-colonial Bolivarian National Armed Force that was born as a force with its weapons to confront the most powerful empire that existed at the time. “(…) This is the Bolivarian National Armed Force refounded on the principles of the people of arms, there is no difference, there are no distances, between the people and the military,” he stressed.

He expressed that the Bolivarian National Armed Force bases its doctrine on a powerful civic-military union of Popular and Military Power to guarantee the democracy of a country and a people. “This is the FANB, refounded with a doctrine based on a powerful civil-military union,” he said.

On the other hand, the Commander in Chief of the FANB called on the Venezuelan people to defend what is ours. “I tell the people: Let's defend what is ours, our land belongs to us. Today, July 5, I raise my baton to say, Venezuela always wins,” he expressed, highlighting that it is “with the people, always with the people.”

During his speech, Maduro evoked the threats and attacks to which the Homeland has been exposed and the forceful response that has been given to these attacks. “How many threats and attacks (…) and each test we overcame together. All the evidence, when traitors and coup plotters emerged, that April 30, 2019, the people and the Armed Forces united, without firing a shot we defeated them,” he stated.

Before starting the Civic-Military parade along the Monumental Paseo de Los Próceres, President Nicolás Maduro with his presidential sash and baton, trotted to begin the event on Venezuela's independence day.

Later, within the framework of the 213th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and Day of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, the Civic-Military Parade was held from Paseo Los Próceres in Caracas.

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