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Maduro traveled via San Fernando-Calabozo: estuaries, cattle and holes

The Head of State ordered the Minister of Transportation, Ramón Velásquez Araguayán, to repair the roads in Calabozo

This Thursday, June 13, the Minister of Transportation, Ramón Celestino Velásquez Araguayán, must have woken up in Camaguán-Calabozo. 

The Minister should be carrying out the order given to him by President Nicolás Maduro on Wednesday at 6:18 pm from Carrera 12 in Calabozo (Guárico), where he spoke in front of a crowd of his followers. To get to that event, Maduro drove from San Fernando de Apure, passed through Camaguán, where he inaugurated a CDI and arrived in Calabozo.

 “At the end of the road a little hollow,” commented the President in the middle of the mass event. "Tomorrow, Minister Velásquez Araguayán wakes me up in Calabozo and puts the machines in me... from here, from there and beyond," ordered the President before an audience that cheered him with applause, "this is how it is governed." 

The video with the presidential order spread through the networks and residents of Guárico made comments demanding the repair of their little piece of road. “You haven't seen the Onoto-Zaraza road,” wrote one user, for example. 

Maduro's transit along the San Fernando de Apure-Camaguán-La Negra-Corozopando-Calabozo road (132 kilometers) was in the afternoon, when the cattle owners were moving small herds from one side to the other, even crossing the entire width of the race. . 

On two occasions the presidential caravan stopped to wait for what the poets of the plain call transhumance: the herding of cattle so that they drink or eat grass on one piece of land or another, which requires their transfer from here and there.

Through that route, the Head of State also came across the Esteros de Camaguán, the forest reserve that covers 190,3 kilometers of palm-planted savannahs planted in waters that flow from the Portuguesa River and ravines of that plains region. 

The towns of that piece of Guárico came out to take a photo of the president. On the stages of San Fernando, Camaguán and Calabozo, Armando Martínez (El Cantaclaro de Venezuela) and Cristóbal Jiménez (El Coplero de Oro) sang. Then Maduro entered with his Gallo Pinto, to the rhythm of Fulia. Although in Calabozo the President tapped with his wife Cilia Flores the Jorpiado passage Palmares de Calabozo that Martínez performed. The one that adorns his performance with the cry of “Guárico, Guárico, Guárico”, imitating the narrators of the coleo when they announce in the sleeves some Victor Felizola, Jesús Aguilera, Omar Gamarra.

Martínez finished and the harp of Orlando Parima, Cristóbal Jiménez's musician, played, who launched with his Casita Bella, so that in the second stanza the Primera Combatiente grabbed the microphone and sang the chorus of the llanero passage that made the Coplero famous. Gold. 

Once the event in Calabozo was over, Maduro headed towards El Sombrero along the old highway, the one built by Juan Vicente Gómez and that passes through Las Lajitas, Palo Seco, among other enclaves of small producers. Conuqueros. Holes similar to that of San Fernando-Calabozo were also felt on the road. 

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