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Maduro: I have faith in an undefeated Guárico on June 28

He invited the Guariqueños to swear to guarantee the 1x10 and achieve the great victory on June 28

With a llanera gala, singers surprised President Nicolás Maduro with a full house in the Plaza Rafael Urdaneta in Calabozo, Guárico state. With Calabozo Palmares, Armando Martínez, ""El Cantaclaro", stirred up the red tide that received with great excitement the first national leader who joined the stage with the First Combatant, Cilia Flores and immediately they danced and "taped" the hit of the joropo llanero.

The presidential couple also danced on the stage to the rhythm of the passage The beautiful house by Cristóbal Jiménez and laughed at the story of The millionaire widow by Santiago Rojas. Next, the singer offered his new corrio called Maduro is the winner, a lyric that he confessed ended “just last night.”

The young Araima Joselin, to the rhythm of a little bird, introduced herself as “La flor de Cúa”, and then offered a passage whose lyrics alluded to unfaithful men. “We are going to be rats to those who do not want to support us. And with the phrase: “I'm tired of being an idiot, from now on they call me the rat,” she closed the stanza. At the end, the president said: “Cilita is not going to sing that song to me, here she has her husband who behaves well,” Maduro stated and then kissed his wife, the First Combatant.

After the message, President Maduro assured that he reached Calabozo through the plain roads, "but we must repair the highway from Camaguán to here" and demanded that the Minister of Transportation, Ramón Velázquez Araguayán, wake up in Calabozo "putting the machines in that section.”

Next, he thanked the “beautiful reception of the people and committed to the Guariqueño people to renew the road on Miranda Avenue, to deliver the Juan Ledezma Educational Unit and the Tricentenario de Calabozo Avenue.

“I will soon return to continue governing with the people from the bases. I return soon to see the eyes of a people shining that is preparing for a historic victory. All the armies passed through Dungeon. Bolívar Zamora and Chávez. I have the honor of passing by here today and telling you: I will never fail you, my absolute loyalty to the oath of Commander Chávez,” he said.

Next, he invited those present to take an oath at his side to guarantee 1×10 of the popular force to achieve a great victory in Calabozo, Guárico and throughout Venezuela. “I swear that on July 28 I will go to vote for faith in Venezuela, for love of the Homeland. This is what I swear and this is how I will fulfill it. I am sure that they will fulfill it, Long live the oath of the people”, he declared along with the people who repeated phrase by phrase, followed by a great uproar from the public present.

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