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Maduro: We will rebuild Cumanacoa in record time

He assured that at the end of this Tuesday he will receive the balance of the effects of the areas

“We will rebuild Cumanacoa in record time,” stated the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, when beginning his speech at the Meeting of the 5 generations and the 7 forces held this Tuesday from the Teresa Carreño Theater.

The president, before referring to the political event, sent a message of solidarity to the people of Sucre and assured that at the end of this Tuesday he will receive the balance of the effects of the areas.

From the Presidential Command Post, he has followed up on the difficult situation in Cumanacoa, in the state of Sucre, as a result of the intense rains generated by the passage of Hurricane Beryl through the east of the country.

Regarding the coordination that has been carried out with local authorities, communal councils, communal circuits, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, REDI Oriental, ZODI Sucre, Civil Protection and Governor Gilberto Pinto Blanco. He said that in the place the Executive Vice President

Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, together with the Vice Presidents of the Government and the Ministers of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace and Public Works, are monitoring the situation so that the “people of Cumanacoa have all the support and certainty that they are also We will overcome it like we did in Tovar, in Tejerías. “We will be with the people, with our love and with the truth.”

"I recently sent colleague Delcy Rodríguez with the vice presidents of the Government so that the People of Cumanacoa, "have all the support and certainty that we will also overcome this, as we did in Tovar, in Tejerías."

He specified that since 04:00 am, he has been monitoring the difficult situation that occurred in Cumanacoa in Sucre, by offering a general balance of the rains caused by the passage of Hurricane Berly.

“It is a persistent rain, it continues, very strong, a product of these hurricanes that are forming, Tropical Wave 17, which entered between Saturday and Sunday, came together with Hurricane Beryl, which passed very close to the east of the country, and the tail wave filled all those mountains with water,” he explained.

Vice President Rodríguez suffered an accident

Maduro reported on an accident that Vice President Delcy Rodríguez suffered in Cumanacoa while she was carrying out an inspection in the affected areas.

“Comrade Delcy Rodríguez suffered an accident in Cumanacoa, serving the town, working with the people, they stopped under a mamón bush, and a very strong wind hit that knocked down several trees and one of the trees fell on part of that team and part of the townspeople. She was badly beaten, she is conscious and strong. She just wrote to me, but I sent Jorge Rodríguez to attend to her, but she recovers from everything. She is a tremendous Vice President of Venezuela, forward to overcoming pain and continuing in battle,” she expressed.

Along with Rodríguez was also the mayor of the Montes municipality, Tomás Bello,

The 5 generations

Maduro greeted the founding generation

Next, he greeted the different generations that make up the Bolivarian revolution.

The first generation: Heroic of the precursors, who walked the paths of resistance and torture.

The second generation: The one that founded the Bolivarian Movement 200. Maduro greeted the founding generation of the Psuv and the MVR as well as the generation “Here are Commander Reyes Reyes, Diosdado Cabello Rondón, who were with Commander Chávez from his earliest youth".

Maduro greeted the Genial generation, made up of the youngest

The third generation: The young middle generation, which emerged at the beginning of the Revolution, the one who stood up for Commander Chávez and the country in 2007.

The fourth generation: Young, who grew up in the midst of the riots of 2014 and the crimes of right-wing extremists, and have risen up fighting and forging themselves, despite the conspiracies.

The “Great” fifth generation: It is the youngest, who was with Commander Chávez, with his energy and love.

Bot farms wage media war

Maduro, this Tuesday, denounced the bot farms that are waging a media war on social networks against the Bolivarian Revolution, in the context of the July 28 election.

He noted that he has videos and evidence of thousands of bots that work from Miami, Colombia and companies that provide these services in India and Pakistan.

“We are facing a monster… a Goliath of bots… Thousands of bots,” he stressed.

However, he emphasized that those who wage media war have the bots, but "we have the truth and the votes and in Venezuela the votes will win over the bots as happened in Mexico."

A bot is a false account on social networks programmed to act in the media war and in that case, added the head of the Venezuelan State, “they have bot farms to attack anyone who supports the revolution, anyone who supports the country. ”.

In relation to this, he urged the youth to fight for the truth in the streets and listen to the people.

Likewise, Maduro indicated that although progress has been made in the battle of the networks, there is still much to do.

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