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Maduro asked the people of Margarita to block the violence with votes

The president recalled that those who did not sign the electoral agreement seek the path of violence and hatred.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, was received by the people of Margarita this Friday night, in the middle of a massive demonstration that filled the main street of Juan Griego and filled the surrounding streets.

In the central event, Maduro invited the neo-Spartan people to fight this July 28 to defend the conquests achieved in the revolution. “We have a great battle on July 28, blessed Sunday… when the CNE offers the results of the election, you have to be celebrating that here they beat up the patarucos,” he said to cheers.

Thus he recalled the brave history of the Margarita people, which has been a reference for the entire continent. “Here the third republic was founded, here Simón Bolívar was named president and those brave people liberated the Orinoco, they liberated Guayana and those heroic people went to Ayacucho and Bomboná. “You are the heirs of the liberators of America… that weighs a lot and is worth a lot in history,” he said.

The head of state said that the people of Margarita are not willing to be slaves or hand over the country to imperialism. Presidential Press Photo

“I am very happy to be here. I love Margarita and Coche very much, their history and culture... I learned to get to know the entire island in the 80s. I stayed with my sister who was studying medicine and was living in her country here. What I always remember is the cordiality, the hospitality… wherever you arrived they gave you a plate of food,” said the revolutionary candidate.

“I had the privilege of being sent by Commander (Hugo) Chávez in 1997 to found the Fifth Republic Movement,” he added.

At the electoral level, the president reminded the people of Margarita that this Thursday he signed, along with seven other candidates, an agreement to recognize the electoral results of July 28. But he warned that the two candidates who did not subscribe to it are seeking ways of ignoring the elections to generate violence.

"They want to turn Venezuela into a gringo colony, they want to steal our peace and turn our people into slaves. Are we going to allow it?", to which the people answered a resounding "no."

He appreciated the overflow of love and conscience of the Neo-Spartan people who mobilized en masse to receive his visit to the island state.

Section of the Bicentenaria Highway delivered

The president inaugurated the Hugo Chávez section of a distance of 1,6 km, which is part of the Bicentenaria Highway, in Pampatar, Maneiro municipality of Nueva Esparta state.

“We come to deliver the continuation of this highway that bears the name of Commander Hugo Chávez, from the entrance of Santa Ana to El Cercado”, 1,6 km of communication “for you and then from El Cercado to Tacarigua, four more kilometers “said the president.

The people of Margarita accompanied the president on the route of the new section. Presidential Press Photo

The delivery of this road section is part of the interconnectivity policy, in this case in the state of Nueva Esparta, an island state with extensive tourism capabilities.

Virgen del Valle Hospital inaugurated

In the midst of his busy schedule, the president inaugurated the Virgen del Valle Type III Hospital, in the San Juan parish, Díaz municipality, Nueva Esparta state.

“This hospital is for you, learning to do a lot, a lot, and to defeat sanctions. The construction of this modern hospital is a victory against sanctions,” said the national leader while touring the facilities.

“No one is going to privatize the health of the people,” said the president while recalling that the name of the hospital was the result of a popular consultation.

The spaces of the Virgen del Valle Hospital house a community pharmacy, laboratories, 17 rooms with two beds each, 2 operating rooms equipped with cutting-edge technology and recovery and preventive maintenance areas.

The postgraduate educational process will begin soon in the spaces of this healthcare center.

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