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Maduro ordered to solve access to gasoline in Barinas

He demanded the presence of Minister Tellechea to solve the fuel problems in the entity

Through the pilgrimage that the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, makes through the country, he has managed to detect first-hand the problems that harm the Venezuelan people. From the state of Barinas, the President received a complaint from the popular power about difficulties they have to access gasoline and diesel.

Immediately, President Maduro ordered the Minister of Petroleum and president of Petroleros de Venezuela Sociedad Anónima (PDVSA), Pedro Tellechea, to visit the state of Barinas and solve the fuel problems that the entity presents.

“Minister Tellechea, president of PDVSA, you will come to Barinas tomorrow (Wednesday) at nine in the morning and solve this problem for me (…) You will solve it for me once and for all, enough excuses,” Maduro demanded energetically. which was applauded by those present at the rally.

Likewise, Maduro reiterated that this week he will begin the plan for paving, repairing and patching avenues and streets in the town of Barinas.

Likewise, the Dignitary ordered the Minister for the Office of the Presidency, Anibal Coronado Millán, to rehabilitate the Luis Razetti Hospital, to improve the health service in the state of Barinas.

The President questioned the management of the entity's governor Sergio Garrido. “What do you do with the real money that is sent to you? I have to come and fix a school for him with the Bricomiles, I'll leave that to you. Is Barinas better off with this governor?”

The head of state highlighted that Barinas is reborn, grows and wins again for the Homeland. “I come from Sabaneta, I come blessed by the town where Hugo Chávez was born. I come on a pilgrimage from town to town (…) Awakening the love for the Homeland, awakening the sleeping conscience, collecting the songs, the strength and carrying a message of love and faith for Venezuela,” he expressed.

On the other hand, Maduro, who is also a candidate for re-election for the Great Patriotic Pole, committed together with the people of the Barinas state to work every day to achieve a great victory on July 28 and thus continue maintaining peace, progress and future of the country.

“Do you want a manipulable president or a firm president? Do you want a privatizing president or a socialist president? Do you want a president of the oligarchy or a worker president? Do you want a pataruco or a fine rooster, a gallo pinto? Do Barinas want a pataruco, a weak president, a manipulable president, with surnames, who will come to privatize everything? Or do they want a president with leadership, with strength and from the working class?, he asked.

He reiterated the complaint that sectors of the extreme right are preparing to claim fraud in the July 28 election and generate violence.

In this sense, Maduro urged to strengthen the 1x10x7 ahead of the elections to guarantee peace.

“The 1x10x7 is very serious because we need peace… They do want (violence and guarimbas) and they are preparing to shout fraud and go out to burn Barinas and Venezuela,” he said.

He stressed that the Venezuelan people want peace to move forward and will not allow the guarimbas.

In this regard, he said that peace is guaranteed by the people, that is why “1x10x7 is the greatest guarantee of peace because on July 28 we have to win by knockout.”

For her part, the central coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, Cilia Flores, praised the great mobilization of the people of Barin to support the Líder Revolutionary towards the perfect victory of July 28.

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