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Maduro: opponents plan to carry out a coup d'état at “any moment”

González Urrutia and Enrique Márquez intend to "cry fraud" and generate "violence and a coup d'état," he warned

The President of the Republic and candidate for re-election, Nicolás Maduro, denounced this Friday the two opposition candidates who did not sign an agreement to recognize the result of the July 28 elections -Edmundo González Urrutia and Enrique Márquez- of planning a coup of State.

“These sectors try to carry out a coup at any moment… I have the evidence, and I only tell the people that in any circumstance, nerves of steel, maximum unity and mobilization,” while urging “if they dare, the people must win peace.” on every street and not let them steal our joy.”

In that sense he added that “Why did they register for the elections? So that? They signed up to try to embarrass the country, to harm Venezuela again and, they believe, attempt a coup d'état.

He recalled that he, who was the one who proposed said agreement, did sign because he wants “peace and the best for Venezuela,” and because he is sure that he will “win by beating, by knockout” in the elections.

The document, signed by eight of the 10 candidates, commits the signatories to maintaining a “climate of respect, peace and democratic participation,” so that, on election day and the days that follow, “the will of the people of Venezuela is not interfered with or ignored with acts of violence and destabilization that "attack the well-being of the country."

President MaduroHe made the complaint during a political event on La Planta Street, sector 23 de Enero de Maturín in Monagas.

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