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Maduro: We cannot allow ourselves to be deprived of peace, under any circumstances

He swore that he will not let the right generate violence in the border states. "We are not going to allow it and in Venezuela there will be peace before, during and after July 28"

The candidate for re-election for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and for the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), Nicolás Maduro, stated this Wednesday from the state of Táchira during a meeting with the people of Táchira that “we cannot allow ourselves to take away the peace, under any circumstances.”

This statement was made by Maduro, referring to the recent complaint by a Colombian paramilitary group in which they indicate that they were contacted by the Venezuelan extreme right, to bring in about a thousand men and generate violence in the border states.

In this same order of ideas, the standard bearer of the Bolivarian Revolution warned that it is the usual surnames and haters who want to bring the violence of the paramilitaries to Venezuela. “We cannot allow them to bring transnational crime or paramilitaries to Venezuela,” he stressed.

In this regard, Maduro swore that he will not let the right generate violence in the border states. “We are not going to allow it and in Venezuela there will be peace before, during and after July 28.”

The candidate Maduro explained that he went to La Mulata, “there I saw the Táchira River, 15 meters away was Colombia and on this side the door to Venezuela, on that side, unfortunately the violence, the paramilitaries, the crime but I can already say that “This side there is peace and security for the people.”

"We achieved it, Tachirans, the most violent state today is a state of peace, stability, harmony and work, do you want the guarimba to return? Do you want the paramilitary violence to return? The kidnappings? The hitmen? "They do, the last names and the people they hate," Maduro said.

On the other hand, the candidate of the Homeland recalled how during the guarimbas we called for the vote, for the Constituent Assembly and, thus, we achieved peace!

He highlighted that Táchira today is a safe state that defeated violence and highlighted its role in confronting the attempted invasion that Colombia attempted in February 2019.

“I remember on July 30, 2017, the guarimba was setting fire to San Cristóbal, Táriba, and all the people called a Constituent Assembly, and with it, together with your brave vote, peace came, the vote of the people brought us peace,” he noted.

On the other hand, he said that it is a state that has built the advance of Venezuela when the economic war was hardest, since producers, ranchers and farmers began to produce food for the west of the country.

“If it had not been for the Andes and the Táchira, it would have been very difficult to overcome this economic war that reached 80% shortages. Who created the CLAP and defeated the shortages with national production? Who has been with the people? in the bad times?” he said.

1x10x7 will guarantee victory on June 28

El líder Bolivarian reiterated that the revolution will win on July 28 on the middle street. He pointed out that both imperialism and the oligarchy "are going to be crazy about the people who are going to come out to vote for the triumph of Nicolás Maduro Moros, the triumph of the people and the Venezuelan homeland with the 1x10x7."

He highlighted the importance of the 1x10x7 to guarantee victory in the July elections, which is why he announced that a check-up will be done next Sunday.

Maduro showed the electoral card, to which he asked the people of Tachira, who of these ten candidates has the power to firmly lead Venezuela? Who of these ten candidates has a real plan, a project, the experience and the capacity? to govern our country? Who of these candidates guarantees the peace and stability of all of Venezuela? Who of these candidates has always been at the side of the people in all the problems we have gone through this year, protecting and supporting them? Who stole the gold in London? Who stole Citgo? Who of these candidates achieved an economic plan for a new, diversified economy and is recovering Venezuela? Who has the reins of the economy in Venezuela? Who guarantees the economy? Which of these candidates is truly independent? He represents the people, and is not a puppet of any political group or surname?

“I can say from Táchira that I am Nicolás Maduro Moros, President of the people, son of Hugo Chávez, and I carry the sword of the Liberator Simón Bolívar to do justice, to build the Republic, to liberate the people, and with this sword in my hand I want Let us take before her the oath of San Cristóbal, I swear from San Cristóbal, from Táchira, I swear by Bolívar, in front of his sword, that I will not give rest to my soul, nor rest to
my arms, until the historic victory of July 28 is guaranteed, I swear it by my family, by my country and before God," he said.

The people of the state of Táchira received with open arms the people's candidate, Nicolás Maduro, who visited the entity to give a strong shake to all Venezuelans, in the context of his "Venezuela Nuestra" campaign, ahead of the presidential elections of the 28 of July.

Once again, citizens showed signs of affection, brotherhood and loyalty to Maduro, and in turn to the revolutionary process, which has guaranteed, not only the quality of life of Venezuelans, but also peace and territorial stability, despite the plans of the extreme right and the North American empire.

Maduro went up to the stage set up in San Cristóbal, Táchira state for a mass meeting with the people of Tachira. The candidate arrived holding the hand of his wife Cilia Flores and to the rhythm of the music “Nico Flow” he greeted those present.

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