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Maduro: Netanyahu is the Herod of this era

Maduro highlighted the complicity of the líderIt is Europeans and the United States in the face of the genocide against the Palestinian people

“Netanyahu is the Herod of this era, who bombs Muslim children, Christian children, who bypasses the International Court of Justice by murdering children and the US and Europe remain silent,” President Maduro crossed out the actions of the president of Israel. against the Palestinian people with the “complicit silence of one of the most terrible genocides experienced by humanity after the time of Hitler,” he expressed.

Given this, the Spanish political scientist Juan Carlos Monedero, who was a guest on the 47th edition of the Con Maduro + program, commented that Spain, even when it proceeds to recognize the Palestinian state, “is also an accomplice, because we are selling them weapons, I can't take any more pain,” he said before the genocide against the Palestinian people.

“President, the fact that someone in Europe has power like the presidents of Spain, of Germany, of France have and do not do everything in their power to end this horror, for me makes them accomplices of all these murders,” he pointed out.

Given the decline of the American empire, he highlighted the opinion of his colleagues in that country, who envision a possible civil war.

“American political scientists who talk about the risk of a civil war in that country. America is in decline. And those who rule in the United States, which are not the people, who are large companies, many of them arms companies,” Monedero explained.

“The mobilizations in favor of peace by the Palestinian people that have developed in Spain are impressive,” commented President Maduro.

Monedero warned that North American political scientists warn about the possibility of a civil war in that country. “America is in decline. And those who rule in the United States, which are not the people, who are large companies, many of them arms companies,” Monedero said.

In this context, President Nicolás Maduro also highlighted the war scenario between Ukraine and Russia, a regrettable context that, he noted, could have been avoided, since there was a pre-peace agreement. Given this, Monedero commented on the words of Denis Cameron, who was Prime Minister of England and who three days ago said: “the deaths of the Ukrainians are welcome because the quality-price ratio is very good, because with 10% of military spending we have destroyed 50% of the Russian war material and without losing a single American life.”

Maduro rejected such claims and described them “as a miserable stage in the decline of the old empires. Europe has the tremendous task of defeating the extreme right, the fascism that is emerging in a very dangerous way and that threatens European society,” he stated.

Milei wants to end Argentina.

The president denounced that the Argentine president, Javier Milei, seeks to destroy his country's economy and, at the same time, wants to hand over the territory, as well as the Malvinas Islands, to serve as a United States military base in South America.

“Simply, then destroy culture, science, education, technology, the great capacity of the Argentine nation to produce things towards the future to connect with the 21st century,” he added.

Likewise, he warned that Milei is applying neoliberalism "with his chainsaw that is applied to grandparents, to humble people, to workers to destroy science and technology in Argentina, which is one of the most powerful." He also expressed that “it is shameful” to see the complacent position of Argentine industrialists “dragged at the feet of Milei, when the entire Argentine industry is going to hell.”

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