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Maduro called on youth to defend the future of the 21st century

At the closing of the 3rd OBE Congress, the president approved 40.809 loans for young entrepreneurs.

President Nicolás Maduro received at the Miraflores Palace a large representation of the Venezuelan youth force that marched this Friday in Caracas against the sanctions and who thus closed the 3rd Congress of the Bolivarian Student Organization (OBE).

Within the framework of this meeting with organized youth, the national leader highlighted the success of the Great Young Venezuela Mission, which has had dizzying growth throughout the national territory thanks to the energy of the student and youth movements.

“I know that you are aware that the year 2024 will decide the future, the destiny of the XNUMXst century will be decided, and we Venezuelans have to decide if we want a weak, manipulable president or if we want a patriotic president, with leadership, firm and planted. in the face of the circumstances,” stated the Head of State

He reiterated his confidence in each student in building the future of the country. “I trust in the students who every day train, grow, raise their voices, mobilize and inform, through the networks, about the truth of our Country. I fully trust you and everything you can achieve!”

The head of state called to integrate the Bolivarian Student Organization (OBE) with the Great Young Venezuela Mission. “We are going to generate initiatives with everything that you are raising and we are going to respond to each of your concerns. We are going to work on all of the 24 issues that they listed as priorities,” said the president.

The president listed the 24 topics of interest to youth proposed in the document of the 3rd OBE Congress: Sports and recreation, Gamer, Health, Strengthening the Student Federation, Dance, Entrepreneurship, Reading and writing, Tourism and heritage, Prevention comprehensive to the student and Cinema Club and content creation.

Also included are Scientific Seedbeds, School Conucos, Ecology, Singing, Women and Gender Equality, Theatre, Plastic Arts, Symphony Orchestra and Show Band, Hip Hop and Rap, Religious, History and Patriotic Youth, Animalist, Otakus and Indigenous Peoples.

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