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Maduro called to advance in education that cultivates love for history

At the closing of the 2024 History Congress, the head of state urged to vindicate Commander Hugo Chávez as the builder of the new Venezuelan historical method

This Sunday, during a telephone contact made at the closing ceremony of the Congress of History 2024 (XVII National and IV International), President Nicolás Maduro highlighted the importance of advancing an education that fosters love for one's own values ​​and the history of the country.

“We need to advance in an education that cultivates, that teaches love for what is ours, love for our history,” said the head of state before the historians gathered in Caracas, whose contributions he indicated he receives with pride, aware that he is the only one who guarantees the teaching of true history and its vindication in Venezuela.

Maduro instructed to advance in the recovery of the archives of the Historical Museum, of the historical houses and to further develop the historical tourist routes.

“Because all of Venezuela is an immense battlefield, more than five hundred years old, since the indigenous resistance, since the independence process, since Zamora, and now in history that is in full development towards the future,” he argued.

In this sense, he highlighted the importance of the new model of insurgent history built by Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez.

“Let us reclaim Chávez as the great builder of our new historical method, who turned history into a force for the present, with values ​​for the future,” he said.

“The great builder of insurgent history, of history as a force of the present and the future, the great theoretical contribution in knowledge was our commander, eternal President Hugo Chávez Frías. He awakened our thirst for historical knowledge, he made the aboriginals visible, now we are all indigenous peoples,” stated the national leader.

In this regard, he highlighted the process of vindication of history and the heroes of Independence who were not recognized.

“Chávez vindicated our liberators, the woman who fought for the Independence of Venezuela, Chávez turned Zamora into a hero of the people and turned her song into an anthem,” he said.

More than 1.200 papers have been received at the history congress that began last Wednesday, June 19.

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