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Maduro: “The Bricomiles were born to stay”

The president acknowledged that there is much to do, but the Bricomiles “helped provide an efficient response to the people.”

From the spaces of the “Mariano Picón Salas” National Educational Unit, located in the state of Miranda, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, supervised the progress of the Military Community Brigades of Education and Health (Bricomiles) in several institutions from the country.

The head of state stressed that the timely deployment of the Bricomiles contributed to providing an efficient response to the people in the face of the difficulties and threats that loom against the Homeland.

“In these years of difficulties we created methods that helped us respond to the demands of the People, one of them was the Military Community Brigades for Education and Health, which were born to stay,” he pointed out.

He indicated that although there is still much to do, thanks to the “perfect civil-military union we will achieve the goal.”

A concrete example of the actions of the Bricomiles is the “Mariano Picón Salas” National Educational Unit, which was comprehensively recovered to optimize the attention of more than 1.300 students from the initial education stage to high school.

He explained that the rehabilitation of the “Mariano Picón Salas” Educational Complex materialized from a report submitted by the communities to the 1X10 of the Good Government, which has already totaled two years of management and reached the milestone of 4 million cases resulting.

“When the 1X10 report arrived, I saw that things were ugly, and I said, well, we have to make thorough arrangements, we have to invest, we have to give birth, this is a mission for the Military Community Education Brigades. Today I can say (…) mission accomplished and here I give it to you so that you can take care of it,” he said.

Among the repairs, the following stand out: classrooms, computer room, laboratory, recreation areas, sports fields, electrical work and painting were also carried out.

“Learn with your hands”

The national leader instructed educational authorities to promote practical and productive learning within training institutions. “Learn with our hands,” the president emphasized when urging the development of productive capacities from educational spaces.

In this sense, he directed the establishment of the “Carlos Lanz Rodríguez” Children's Production School, to vindicate the legacy of the construction of school conucos promoted by the late Venezuelan sociologist and professor.

The Bricomiles were created in 2022, and are made up of volunteers from the communities, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and state bodies. Its work focuses on the recovery and maintenance of public spaces, emergency response and the provision of social services.

Accompanying the Dignitary are the first combatant, Cilia Flores; Héctor Rodríguez, Governor of the Miranda State; the sectoral vice president of Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace, Vladimir Padrino López; the sectoral vice president of Science, Technology, Education and Health, Gabriela Jiménez Ramírez and Minister of Popular Power for Education, Yelitze Santaella.

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