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Maduro: The old ideology of fascism will never reach Venezuela

"They want to dust it off from Europe and they want to impose it on the people, like in Argentina." Maduro pointed out

The candidate for reelection for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), Nicolás Maduro, stressed this Friday that the old ideology of bourgeois democracy and fascism will not be established in Venezuela.

“They want to dust it off from Europe and they want to impose on the people, like in Argentina, that old decrepit Milei, who is a sociopath, sadist who enjoys torturing the people, that's why I tell you, that decrepit old woman of the fascist ideology to Venezuela It will not come, it is an old ideology, it has nothing new,” he added.

He added that this ideology is “colonialist, racist, exclusive that despises the people, but we have the new democracy of the communal councils, of the communes, the new grassroots democracy, where all paths are opened so that each structure has their spokespersons so that they deliberate, work together and carry out the consultation.”

He highlighted that he proposed holding a national consultation every three months, so that the grassroots can decide the projects and the budget, "because the money that is given to the people for the different projects is money that yields up to 10 times for their communities."

In this sense, Maduro expressed that these popular consultations are in collaboration with an organized people "we have achieved a social structure of equality, popular power taught issues such as health, housing, education. These solutions have been territorial, the communes, the territorial circuits, the Clap.”

The statements were offered by Maduro during his program “Con Maduro de Repente” from the Radio Urimare 101.1 FM station, located in La Guaira.

1X10 system the new way of governing

Maduro assured that the 1×10 System of Good Government is a priority during his administration, to strengthen direct democracy with the people. “That is going to be the new way of governing from next June 28.”

He recalled that since he ordered to increase attention to the cases presented by the People's Power, "the national government went from attending to 60 percent to 90,6 percent of the cases resolved throughout the national territory in matters of health, housing, education, roads, among others.”

“This year we are going to unite the strength of the people with the military force, as a blessing from God, to strengthen the Bricomiles and the 1×10 of Good Government and provide the necessary attention to our people,” he emphasized.


On the other hand, the President received a report from Major General Lockiby Belmonte, Sole Authority of Cumanacoa, who reported that through Civil Protection, 4 of the 7.970 affected homes have been verified, with a view to "finalizing the census."

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