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Maduro: the opposition is not campaigning but preparing guarimbas

He said that he will not tolerate any crime of hate or violence and assured that whoever does it "is going to hell."

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, warned that the opposition is not in a campaign, but rather preparing a great guarimba because he warned that the government will not tolerate people going out to commit hate crimes “and whoever does it: “pal pote,” he declared. .

“Guarimba and violence, never again. Anyone who commits hate crimes, defamation, can't help it. "Hate crimes or violence will not be tolerated, neither against civilians nor against the military."

He urged the population to reject violence and commit to peace. “We must say no to fascism, no to violence… now, clear words, we are not playing cart, you know it,” he said when sending this message to the opposition.

“The victory on June 28 will be the victory of those who want peace, of those of us who love progress and Venezuela,” he expressed.

He revealed that there are opposition factors that want to harm him before the presidential election on July 28. “They have a group of hitmen looking for us. That's why my arrivals everywhere are a surprise, the people taking care of me and the security teams doing a good job in a combined way. That's why my arrivals everywhere are a surprise,” he said.

These statements were made by President Maduro during the meeting of the National Campaign Command “Venezuela Ours of the 15.804st Century”, where the twenty-three states of the country were connected, plus the capital, Caracas, with XNUMX Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (UBCh).

From this scenario, the president asked the Ubch to grow mobilizations at the community level towards the victory of the presidential elections on June 28.

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