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Maduro: “The left must continue seeking social transformation”

The head of state explained that the formula for the success of the revolution is in the connection with social movements.

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, spoke in his program 'Con Maduro +', about the diversity of visions that have come together in the Great Patriotic Pole to accompany the Bolivarian revolution and guarantee its sustainability over time.

In dialogue with the Spanish political scientist Juan Carlos Monedero, President Maduro said that in Venezuela there are more than 200 social movements with their sectoral, national and territorial diversity. In this sense, he pointed out that the revolutionary forces group together 11 movements or political parties, “the strongest, the most rooted being the one founded by Commander Hugo Chávez, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela,” he pointed out.

“The left and the revolutionary movement of the world must continue to seek the transformation of society with the search for a new power. Build social power, build a communicational and cultural hegemony to seek the transformation of the State,” the president reflected.

He added that in the Venezuelan experience it has been possible to articulate with these movements “the vision of the unitary diversity of the political forces because sometimes it is very difficult to achieve - from the left - that unitary vision that respects diversity and points to political power because only “With political power it is possible to transform realities.”

The head of state reiterated his conviction about the need “for a thousand social movements to flourish (…) with their identity, with their aesthetics, with their speech, with their color, with their flag and to articulate to the social movements also the unitary diversity of the political forces.

For his part, Juan Carlos Monedero urged the people to “win the story from the right to inject hope into the people,” in contrast to the concept of communication that the Venezuelan right promotes through lies and fake news.

He stressed that it is in the streets where fear changes sides and where social movements overcome the confusion and deception that seeks to divide people.

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