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Maduro: the force of 28-J will give birth to direct dialogue with the US

He assured that the electoral victory of the revolution will send a message to the world "and they will have to lift the sanctions."

“With the strength that these people are going to demonstrate after the elections on July 28, we are going to send a powerful message to the world and we will give birth to the miracle of a direct dialogue with the United States and they will have to lift the sanctions,” is how President Nicolás expressed it. Maduro during his weekly program Con Maduro+ N°46.

“For them (the gringos) the sanctions are a shot in the foot, -due to the impact it represents on their economy, the president explained- but we have already learned and now they will not be able to stop us, Venezuela is going big, with its own methods, creating our innovations and our technology and its sanctions will be useless elements, because we already achieved the deployment of the economic development which was the most important thing,” said Maduro.

Likewise, the president made reference to the five established consensuses:

1,. The first, to continue the path of construction and economic growth

2.- The rejection of the criminal sanctions in force in the country, 84%, according to all the surveys. The lifting of unilateral coercive measures is demanded

3.- Need to preserve peace, strengthen peace, internal stability, promote the values ​​of love and solidarity. I reject fascism, hatred and intolerance

4.- Return the state of welfare and social equality that we had, regarding salary, social security, rescue the state of social welfare that we already built

5.- Defense of Essequibo: Venezuela must recover its historical and legal rights to recover Guayana Esequiba. For this it is necessary to unite moral and spiritual strength, political strength.

“The five consensuses that were building an entire country were the response of the internal immunity of a country, its spiritual immunity, because in the end, what resisted in Venezuela?: The deep spirituality, the deep values, of patriotism, of saying: No "We surrender, we don't surrender, they won't be able to with us," said President Maduro, when questioned about the fronts that, economically, socially and politically, contributed most to awakening awareness of resistance and resilience in the soul of the nation

In the networks, streets and walls section, the president had deputy Mari Silva as a guest, who asked him if he considers that dialogue can be achieved with this opposition.

“We have tried many times,” said the President, “but always taking care of ourselves. Last year, a whole experience developed, but at the same time that the dialogue was developing, a sector was talking with that extreme right that was looking for methods to kill me… we will continue trying,” he said.

-The opposition insists on blaming Maduro as they did with Chávez for the crisis, but at no time do they mention the criminal unilateral coercive measures, however, Daniel Ceballos or Antonio Ecarri say in their speeches that you are to blame but without argument that relates the crisis to sanctions

-“Everyone knows Ceballos for leading the guarimbas in the state of Táchira in 2014, he was imprisoned and is now a presidential candidate, which says that Bolivarian democracy is so broad that it allows him to participate in the electoral contest after leading an insurrection . I would tell him to worry more about him and to go out into the streets to see what he says to the people. Rest assured that the people will speak and decide where Maduro is and where Ceballos is,” Maduro said.

The President warned that the opposition managed for a time to deceive a good part of the population “with hatred and fascism”, but that came to an end, “the sectors infected with hatred and revenge are identified and are a minority. People want to improve their family and economic situation and we are in that vein. As I speak with love, this message is getting through, there are people who do not sympathize but know that we are telling the truth,” he said.

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