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Maduro: We are experiencing a new awakening of history and the Homeland

Nicolás Maduro asked the Sanare militancy to add two elements to the 1x10: a new voter and a person who has not voted for the Revolution

“We are experiencing a new awakening of history, a new awakening of the Homeland,” President Nicolás Maduro said this Wednesday when addressing the town of Sanare, Lara state.

This statement was made when maintaining a telephone contact with Jorge Rodríguez, general coordinator of the “Venezuela Our” 21st century campaign command, before the crowd gathered after the mobilization in the Andrés Eloy Blanco municipality of that entity.

Maduro congratulated the organized militancy that filled the streets of that population, which confirmed evidence that the people have a new awakening.

In this sense, he highlighted the loyalty that he has maintained over the years with the people, the legacy of the Liberators and Commander Hugo Chávez.

“Here we are the loyal, here we are the ordinary people with the leadership that we have built over all these years,” said the head of state.

Maduro adds new elements to the 1×10

Nicolás Maduro called on the Larense militancy to build the 1×10, adding two elements: that everyone has at least one new voter on their list and that they add a person who has voted against the Revolution in the previous elections.

He urged them to speak the truth and reveal to them the lies of the different opposition figures.

In this regard, he recalled that those who requested sanctions against the country did nothing to help the Venezuelan people during the Covid-19 pandemic, and today they intend to ask for your vote.

“And now they come out with their blank faces, with their well-washed faces, to say that they want the vote for the country-sellers in Sanare. Not a vote for those who sell the country, for the traitors to the country, people recognize them. Here we are the loyal ones, the ordinary ones,” he stated.

The president invited national unity, stating that the difficult times are over. “Everything that comes is better. We are going to unite everyone who can be united,” Maduro called.

Commitment to the victory of 28J

Jorge Rodríguez, general coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” 28st century campaign command, accompanied the massive mobilization in Sanare, Lara state, before which he reaffirmed the commitment to the victory of Nicolás Maduro on July XNUMX.

“What a beautiful land! What a beautiful march! "What a great manifestation of love!" said Rodríguez, while highlighting the brave and fighting spirit of the people of Lara and in particular the inhabitants of Sanare.

“With the strength of his hands, the freedom, independence and sovereignty that Chávez brought us, we have managed to defeat those who were dragged, those who asked for sanctions against Venezuela. With great effort, dignity and courage, we have managed to overcome great difficulties and stand up. Here is proof that we grow in difficulties,” Rodríguez emphasized.

In relation to the opposition sectors that intend to become President, he pointed out “that every six years they wash their face and come to ask the people of Venezuela for their vote.”

Furthermore, during his intervention Jorge Rodríguez recalled that President Maduro is a Peaceful man, who has always been at the side of the people facing and defeating adversity.

“A man of peace, a man who when the plagues of sanctions were launched at us and Covid hit us, there was a man who said we are going to defeat them with the strength of all and we defeated them, the rude empire, its messengers, slaves, kneeling of the gringos,” he noted.

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