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Maduro: the people of Bolívar turned against fascism in the streets

The people of Puerto Ordaz filled the streets in support of President Nicolás Maduro

From the state of Bolívar, the president of the Venezuelan Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez, and the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, led the demonstration that filled the streets of Puerto Ordaz, Caroní municipality in red in the state of Bolívar, where the revolutionary red tide filled the streets to express their support for the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro and reject the blockade and the imperialist attack against

In the fervor of the rally, the President of the Republic made telephone contact with the people of Bolívar: “I am leaving Cúa and arriving at Hugo Chávez del Tuy Square, on my journey through Miranda and from here I send greetings to the people of San Félix and Ciudad Guayana, who revolted against fascism and surnames in the streets, the people in the streets have triumphed. Neither surnames nor oligarchs will return,” stated the first national leader.

Maduro also asked the crowd present about the status of 1×10 in Caroní. “If we want a free and sovereign homeland, to stop being a colony and be a free people, we must have a perfect 1×10 to achieve victory. Do you want education, health and PDVSA to be privatized, do you want our wealth to be handed over to imperialism? Do you want a strong president, of the people who is not a puppet of surnames? Do you prefer a pataruco or a fine rooster? So, to continue having a Homeland, we must have the perfect 1 × 10,” he reiterated.

Guardians of the legacy

Jorge and Delcy Rodríguez walked the streets of Puerto Ordaz / Wilmer Errades

The Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez described 1×10 as the machinery for uniting the Venezuelan people, not just a tool for elections. “We must remain united, impenetrable and invincible. We are the guardians of the Revolution and we will never hand over Chávez's legacy. "We will never hand over the country to imperialism, but they will never return, we will not hand over the riches of Venezuela, they are for our people, and that is why we say, the streets are the people and not the bourgeoisie,"

“Those who have asked for sanctions and invasions and dare to come here to ask for your votes are shameless, who can think of such insolence towards Bolívar… here we are going to beat him up on July 28.

“The right wants to hand over Essequibo to ExxonMobil”

The general coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, assured that it is the spirit of Hugo Chávez who guides the revolutionary people in this decisive battle for victory and the future of the people.

“It is Hugo Chávez with his strength and courage who has decreed the time for the people, for ordinary women and men, to respond to provocations. They have been so barbaric that they have come with a flag with seven stars, but the eighth star is crossed, which represents this untamed people and we will recover our Guayana Esequiba, because it is from the Great Bolívar State.

He recalled how the extreme right leaders asked for sanctions and invasions and did “the impossible” during the pandemic, so that vaccines did not reach the people.

"I really like it when the President talks about the patarucos, the cowardly rooster, the scared one, the one who doesn't face any fight... but we have our pinto rooster," he concluded. “The patarucos are shameful, they are creeps because they have already committed to handing over Guayana Esequiba to ExxonMobil and they have already committed to handing over to the basic industries and throwing out 90% of the workers, and they also want to do the same to PDVSA. I'm not talking just to talk because they took Citgo and Monómeros and shared it between them and now they live like millionaires in Miami, two planes were stolen from us by those gringos, their mother's children," he stated.

Red Tide: Puerto Ordaz with Nicolás

Workers of basic companies in Guyana, social movements and líderCommunity members were at the forefront of the march that began in the Peace vial and culminated in the Unare Hills, where more than 1000 iron horses also joined to reject the sanctions and the economic blockade.

Governor Ángel Marcano, accompanied by Mayor Tito Oviedo and other presidents of the basic companies, made it clear that in the state of Bolívar the Bolivarian revolution "has not lost and will not lose a contest because this is a conscious and loyal people."

Likewise, Marcano explained that the entire political and electoral machinery is already geared to repeat the victory of Nicolás Maduro this 28J.

The mayor, Tito Oviedo, assured that the perfect victory belongs to the people with morality and struggle, "to those people who, despite the sanctions and blockade, seek a way to reinvent themselves to help their neighbor, the country."

Oviedo recalled that the population knows that "those who today claim to be another option are the same ones who set fire to the streets and people during the guarimbas, they are the same ones who support the blockade, that is why today we say next to this swollen river of town that hope is on the street with Nicolás.

With information from Edgar Noriega, Bolívar correspondent

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