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Maduro: The success of the drill is a premonition of what will come on June 28

He made an assessment of the pilgrimage he has made through the country where he visited 49 towns and delivered 52 health, education, infrastructure and housing projects.

 The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated this Monday during his weekly program Con Maduro+ that Sunday's electoral simulation has been the largest in participation in the history of Venezuela.

“Maduro: The success of the drill is premonitory of what will happen on July 28,” he asserted.

During the 52nd edition of his weekly program, he assured that this simulation has been “the largest in participation, most demanding, most complete in the history of electoral simulations.”

He then congratulated the National Electoral Council, after emphasizing that this Sunday's simulation was the largest in history.

“Yesterday we won twice, we won by a landslide, first during the day, this beautiful town came out for the drill and the biggest drill in history took place,” and then “the boys from La Vinotinto and they won 3 to 0,” he highlighted.

“I carry the wave of David in hand and no empire will be able to defeat us. We are the victorious David against the Goliath who tried to enslave us,” he expressed when referring to his fight against imperialism, he said from the Municipal Theater of Caracas, which he claimed to have delivered completely restructured. “Better than when it was inaugurated, a theater that is an appreciated work of culture,” he said.

Second season of Con Maduro+ ends

On the other hand, the president announced that in order to respect the rules of the electoral referee, the transmission of the Con Maduro+ program will be suspended until the end of the electoral campaign that begins this Thursday, July 4.

“Con Maduro +” was broadcast for the first time in April 2023 and is a program moderated by the first national leader in which he announces the progress of the administration, the national, political, cultural and international panorama.

This week the official electoral campaign begins, the president stated, specifying that it will be “a campaign of truth and justice.” “None of them will be able to take away or rob us of the right to peace that we have,” he stated.

He also announced that on Friday the 200 years of Victory in Junín and 200 years of Sucre's victory in Ayacucho will be celebrated. “We are the same, without Carabobo, there would have been no Junín, nor Bomboná. Without Bolívar, without the liberating revolutionary army, you oligarchy will not

Balance of pilgrimage through the country

Maduro assured that during the month of June he visited 18 states and 49 towns and cities, “on foot, face to face, town to town and delivered 52 health, education, infrastructure and housing projects. “We continue to make changes, but positive ones for the country, for society,” he said. “We have generated the transformations that the country requires. We are not a promise, we are concrete facts.”

On the other hand, Maduro gave as an example the “change” promoted by Milei in Argentina, who “grabbed the chainsaw and put it through the necks of the State workers and for that they are sorry.”

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