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Maduro: July 28 is the date of the homeland

“There we will decide if we are going to be a colony or a free homeland,” said the head of state.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, said that next July 28, the day of the presidential elections, is “the date of the homeland” when Venezuelans will decide if the country will be free or a colony.

“Sunday, July 28, is the date of the homeland and there we will decide if we are going to be a colony or a free homeland. Slave people or rebellious and free people. If the people continue to be in power,” said the head of state from Santa Lucía del Tuy in the state of Miranda where he led a popular rally.

Maduro reminded those present that the presidential election “is a historic decision,” on which “the future of the entire 21st century depends.”

"There's not much left and when that blessed Sunday dawns I will say: Today, like yesterday in Carabobo, Venezuela is going to have an overwhelming victory," he said.

Saint Lucia undefeated territory

On his pilgrimage throughout the country, Maduro commented that he had to go to the depths of the Tuy Valleys. “I am Nicolás Maduro Moros, the president of the people and I arrived in Santa Lucía (…) with this conscious people. Santa Lucía is undefeated territory of the Bolivarian Revolution,” he highlighted.

The first national leader rescued that the Valles del Tuy is a territory where Bolívar's idea nested. Likewise, he recalled that 30 years ago Commander Hugo Chávez arrived in this region and was received as a hero.

“It is a territory that never failed Chávez and that has never failed me, I have never felt alone, I have never been alone. I have never failed you either, nor will I fail you, the brave and hard-working people of this country,” he assured.

Four new wells

During the massive event, Maduro reported that the construction of four new water wells has already been completed for the benefit of the people of Lucite and that in 15 days the pumping station located in one of the parishes will be ready.

“There are many things that need to be done and we are going to do them. The four wells that were being built have already been completed, in 15 days we will have the Güere Güere pumping station operational and in 15 days these four wells will benefit 12 thousand more inhabitants of this municipality of Santa Lucía,” he commented.

New housing plan

The head of state asked that the new housing plan really be totally new, because “many people still need housing.” He highlighted that his government has delivered 5 million homes, but there are 3 million families in need.

“Many people need to finish, expand or repair their homes, so there are 3 million new homes and 2 million that we have to fix and expand,” he added.

In this sense, Maduro asked the 28 communal circuits of Santa Lucía to help him prepare the housing plan in each territory.

“Where the land is, how much they need. And once we succeed, we will begin a new stage of construction of 3 million homes with the communes,” he promised.

Independence path for Venezuela

At the end of the rally with the Luciteno people of the Valles del Tuy, President Maduro reiterated that Venezuela's path "is one of independence, sovereignty, direct and true democracy (...) it is the path to building a new economic model productive and diversified.”

He recalled that opposition extremism requested sanctions against the country to harm Venezuela and hand over its wealth and natural resources.

“But fortunately due to the perseverance and work of the people, of businessmen and entrepreneurs by the thousands, the bad times are being left behind; Satan sees that what is coming here is a time for better, to grow and to prosper.”

Maduro reiterated that in Venezuela will be peace before, during and after July 28.

“On July 28 we won, we took to the streets and we are going to collect the victory by working for this country, for the future of this country,” he concluded.

CDI rehabilitated

The president delivered the rehabilitation of the “Santa Lucía” Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI) in the Paz Castillo municipality.

Nearly 96 communities and more than 62 thousand inhabitants will benefit from medical services such as general medicine, 24-hour emergency, adult hospitalization, electrocardiogram, gynecology, X-rays, laboratories, ultrasounds, among others.

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