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Maduro from Car: No puppet will take away the rights of the people

Maduro asked the people to vote early to guarantee victory at noon

Accompanied by Súper Bigote and to the sound of the song “Chica plastica” by Rubén Blades, the candidate Nicolás Maduro took the opportunity to set foot with his wife Cilia Flores, during the campaign event held in the Coche parish of Caracas, from where he assured that This piece, traditional from the salsa of the 80s, made him remember his youth, when he lived in El Valle and the days he spent with his friend Luis listening to salsa "in the best picó, the one at Luisito's house", who was present. in concentration.

From the stage, Maduro greeted the people of the La Matanza neighborhood on 8th Street in El Valle and a group of motorcyclists who accompanied the mass event. Immediately afterwards, a group of those present presented a fighting cock to the candidate, alluding to the “gallo pinto” and Maduro immediately took it and raised it, showing signs of triumph.

Maduro also remembered Púrpura's mother's arepas on 28th Street in El Valle "I ate two." So he confirmed that he comes and is a man of the people. “I am Nicolás Maduro Moros, president of the neighborhoods and on July XNUMX we are going to win by beating in El Valle, in Coche, in Caracas, because we defend the truth.”

“Chavismo is a great family full of love for the Homeland, which dreams and fights for a great future,” he highlighted.

During his speech, Maduro stressed to the inhabitants of the Coche parish that right-wing governments have historically been characterized by eliminating social achievements that benefit the people of the world.

Maduro said that none of the other nine candidates have the morals to speak to the people. “A weak and manipulable puppet is not going to come and take away the rights of the people,” he stated.

In this regard, he stressed that the creation of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), the hard work to end the shortage and promote national production, in order to defeat the economic war, has been sponsored by the Bolivarian Government.

He ratified, within the framework of Plan 2025, that 400 thousand homes are already being built. He indicated that he wants to do this work with the communes, the communal circuits, the líderShe is from the streets and leaders. “They are not promises, they are commitments and facts,” he expressed to the crowd that received him in Coche.

He assured that the future of the country in the next 28 years will depend on the victory of July 50. “On July 28 we left at 6 in the morning, and at 12 the victory must be on the tables, encouragement, mobilization, facilitating the path for the people to make their historic decision with the victory of July 28 ( …)”.

Maduro concluded the event by thanking the “beautiful faces”, alluding to the salsa brava piece by Ismael Rivera that refers to the humility of the people, those “beautiful people” who accompany him every day, giving him their support during his pilgrimage. for the country in the face of the great victory of 28J.

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