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Maduro: Brito is going to debate with the people

The president ordered the development of businesses on La Costanera Avenue

“You know one thing (José) Brito, you can't stand spurring me on, compadre. Do you want a debate? Go debate with the people because I am on a sacred pilgrimage,” said the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro. during his pilgrimage by the state of Anzoátegui.

The first national leader highlighted that his government has accompanied the Venezuelan people since difficult times and is what has led to the economic recovery of the last two years.

“This is how we are, facing the North American empire that believes that we were going to give up with its sanctions, I carry in my hand the sling of David, which is the sling of the people. I carry the blessings of God. They have not been able to and will not be able to. We have had a hard time, but we are moving forward with work,” he highlighted.

Businesses in La Costanera

Maduro ordered the regional authorities that in the 7 kilometers of the newly inaugurated La Costanera avenue, in Barcelona, ​​businesses and food establishments are developed for the entertainment of people and thus strengthen tourism in the region.

“I want many of you to set up your premises in those 7 kilometers and for it to be a new meeting point for the people of Barcelona and Puerto de La Cruz; as well as all the people who come from the east to Caracas,” she pointed out.

historic decision

The president stressed that on July 28, the day of the presidential elections, a historic decision will be made for Venezuela.

He denounced that there are opposition factors that want to see Venezuela become a colony of the United States.

“There are those who want to hand over the country to the family names, to the oligarchy. "Do you want a president who is a puppet of the oligarchy, a puppet of the empire, weak and manipulable, who does not even have the energy to speak?" Maduro inquired among the people of Puerto La Cruz.

“Either they want a president with leadership, strong; "Let his hand not tremble to defend Venezuela," he said.

Free education

The national leader reported that the 350 high school graduates who graduate this year have their university place guaranteed, stating that "today we finish the National Admission System."

The available careers are engineering, architecture, agronomy, economics, law, medicine, nursing, among others that young Venezuelans can study.


Mauro assured that 500 homes will be built per year to reach 3 million new homes “for those who need them, for the humble homes of middle class workers.” He noted that at least 2 million homes must also be fixed.

Likewise, he asked the communal circuits to develop a plan for the construction of housing in the region that is made "by the empowered people."


During his interaction with the people of Barcelona, ​​the head of state sent a message to the US government: “you need Venezuela's oil because you ran out of oil from Venezuela. fracking".

In this sense, he reiterated that he is willing to trade crude oil with the northern country, but stressed that they have to pay for it at the corresponding market price. “Free oil is over, compadre,” he said.

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