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Maduro: Comprehensive Care Plan for Cumanacoa Advances

The head of state said that the recovery work for the eastern population continues at an accelerated pace.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, received in his space on the social network Tik Tok, the Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and the Minister of Communes, Ángel Prado, with whom he shared impressions about the progress in the recovery of the population of Cumanacoa , which suffered the attacks of Hurricane Beryl.

He reported that recovery is very advanced and that people are receiving care to quickly return to their lives. He explained that the Emergency Recovery Fund for Cumanacoa was created, through which more than one million dollars has already been raised.

“We are supporting them with belongings, because people lost everything: Beds, mattresses, televisions, refrigerators (…) the trucks are arriving, step by step, house by house,” he said, as part of the care offered in the place.

For her part, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez said that “the trucks continue to arrive, we must recover the houses, rebuild others and we must develop the Comprehensive Care Plan, in education, health, personal hygiene. The water issue is also being corrected, the electrical issue was resolved, provisions such as household goods are being delivered,” she said.

President Maduro said that his government has “the experience of Las Tejerías, the merchants received their support and we are going to do the same in Cumanacoa,” he highlighted.

A Venezuela without hate

The head of state referred to the accident suffered by Vice President Delcy Rodríguez while serving the population of Cumanacoa, when a tree fell on the delegation and crushed part of the staff, including the senior official.

“She was buried and they couldn't find her… and like the phoenix she rose,” he said with respect to the vice president's work. “She was working for the town of Cumanacoa, she was not on vacation, just out for a walk,” she added.

He once again regretted the position of sectors of the extreme right that immediately began to express expressions of hatred against Rodríguez. “The haters came out, the fascists, a certain Avendaño, Mary Montes, a few people came out to applaud and ask for the worst for Delcy. Thank God you came out safely,” he said. He stressed that “our people are not like that, (our people) are noble and supportive,” which is why he said that “the old monster of savage capitalism” and “the decrepit old thing of Nazi ideology, it is hatred, revenge, racism.”

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