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Maduro assures that 1×10 produced record figures in the preliminaries

"We have a higher number than the last elections, we are going ahead, so that Venezuela continues to belong to the people.

President Nicolás Maduro assured that the preliminary results of the balance of the 1×20 machinery “as the only effective method to achieve the perfect victory” showed preliminary record figures as he sent congratulations to the bases for the results. “The level of organization that you have is at the height of the commitment,” he said from the meeting held this Sunday with the National Campaign Command “Venezuela Nuestra Del Siglo XXI.”

“The 1×10 is not just a list. Social networks are not worth it to us. We have a higher number than the last elections, we are going “long,” she asserted, “so that Venezuela continues to belong to the people.

He also highlighted the collective work of the revolutionaries. “Always working as a team, the collective work and harmonious leadership with which this Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command has been carried out is very important,” he said.

“We put in this reckoning and a full day of work to advance in the formation of the most organized, disciplined, motivated and powerful electoral force and machinery in the entire history of the Bolivarian Revolution in 25 years, to win by knockout, by beating, the elections next Sunday, July 28,” said Maduro.

1×10: the perfect formula

Diosdado Cabello, first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, assured that this 1×10 will not only be to fulfill a political strategy, but after the victory, it will serve for community organization.

He explained that the perfect 1×10 electoral formula consists of three steps:

  • Convince to win: Convince with reasons, With the truth, with the 7 Transformations project.
  • Motivate to succeed: Motivate by example, with leadership in the street, community and UBCh. Motivate neighbors with love, with new methods.
  • Organize to vote.  

Maduro commented that in this process of convincing to win it is necessary “to talk about the leadership that Commander Chávez taught us, a leadership that is built by working with criteria, arguments, always with the truth, based on a great feeling: The love of Homeland, to the concept of family, to history, to God, to Christ and to the right to the future that Venezuela has.”

Cabello indicated that the key to the 1×10 electoral Machinery is permanent contact.

Hard work of 15.804 UBCH, street leaders and Clap

Cabello reiterated that the 1×10 verification day this Sunday yielded satisfactory results with the work carried out by 15.804 Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (Ubch) in conjunction with street leaders and líderIt belongs to the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap).

“Our people have understood, and know it from the awareness they have developed, that every election we have against the Venezuelan opposition is part of the country at stake. What is at stake now is the permanence of a free, sovereign and independent country, or falling into the hands of imperial powers. We have to make sure they don't come back,” Cabello stressed.

For his part, the national head of the campaign, Jorge Rodríguez, highlighted the street work that President Maduro has carried out so far. “The President has dedicated himself to
carry out an intensive pilgrimage and we have noticed an impressive fervor” he stressed.

It should be noted that at the meeting, the authorities also shared a community sancocho, an activity that was repeated throughout the country in the various meetings that were held within the framework of the 1×10 drill.

The president made a television visit to the state of Zulia, where the leader of the El Torito sector assured that in the Maracaibo municipality, Antonio Borjas Romero parish, “each voter confirmed their commitment to the Bolivarian management, for this 28J.

From the Los Troncolanes sector in the state of Anzoátegui, the líderes from the Ubch made a summary of the house-to-house event carried out this weekend in the sector, reporting satisfactory activity.

Perfect machinery

The First Combatant, Cilia Flores, chief strategist of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, highlighted that the political machinery is perfectly amalgamated.

“This day has shown that our machinery is perfect. The strength of the people, who are working on the 1 × 10, is what we will achieve the perfect victory on July 28,” he said.

“Winning the upcoming elections represents peace, development, stability and well-being,” he added.

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