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Maduro announces return of direct dialogue with the US

He assured that he agreed to resume dialogue so that they comply with the agreements signed in Qatar and put aside the brutal and sterile conflict.

President Nicolás Maduro announced that this Wednesday the “direct dialogue” with the United States government will resume “so that they comply with the agreements signed in Qatar and to reestablish the terms of the dialogue with respect and without manipulation,” he stressed during broadcast No. 52 of your weekly program With Maduro +..

“They know who is going to win. I am a man of dialogue and I want through dialogue to respect Venezuela, its democracy, its people, to make our country respected. And I want to overcome this conflict of brutal and sterile confrontation with the north, it is up to them to comply,” he expressed.

He assured that for two continuous months he has received the proposal from the United States government to reestablish direct dialogue, and that after thinking about it he decided to accept it.

Maduro stressed the need for these dialogues to be public, "to avoid manipulations."

“We are not going to see ourselves hidden. We have had many secret meetings and they do not respect and come up with versions that are not true. I have accepted the proposal of the US government to resume direct dialogues and on Wednesday there will be Jorge Rodríguez as plenipotentiary head of the national dialogue and Héctor Rodríguez Castro representing Venezuela and we are going to debate and seek new agreements so that what was signed in Qatar is fulfilled. I want dialogue, I want understanding, I want a future for our relations, I want changes under the absolute sovereignty and independence of Venezuela,” he stated.

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