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Maduro announces 1x10x7 to strengthen electoral machinery

The political, social and cultural forces of the country are incorporated

A new structure will be incorporated into the 1×10 method with the objective of guaranteeing the “perfect victory” of the presidential elections on June 28, President Nicolás Maduro announced during the meeting with the National Campaign Command “Venezuela Nuestra Del Siglo XXI” held this Sunday.

The Head of State reported that the new machinery will incorporate the political, social and cultural forces of the country and called the new structure 1x10x7, “a strategy that represents the 7 forces of the country, 7 forces with which we will celebrate the 70th birthday of Commander Chávez next July 28,” he said.

“It is about a more powerful, broader and superior political, social, cultural and electoral machinery that is going to be the 1x10x7 machinery. It was born today with the union of all the social, political, and cultural forces of Venezuela,” he stated.

Next, the President read the composition of the new structure, its scope and those responsible for each of the new 7 lines:

1.- PSUV: Team coordinated by Diosdado Cabello and Pedro Infante.

2.- CLAP social force: coordinated by M/G Leal Tellería.

3.- Fighters of sovereignty and peace: coordinated by Francisco Ameliach.

4.- Communal councils, communes and social movements: coordinated by Héctor Rodríguez, Ángel Prado and Jorge Arreaza.

5.- Great Simón Bolívar Patriotic Pole: coordinated by Ricardo Sánchez, Vanessa Montero and Gabriela Jiménez.

6.- Indigenous and aboriginal movements of Venezuela: coordinated by Clara Vidal.

7.- Misiones, Grandes Misiones and Baes de Misiones: coordinated by Mervin Maldonado, Génesis Garvett, Dheliz Álvarez, Magaly Viña and Rosinés Chávez.

Maduro commented that in the country there are social movements that had expressed their desire to participate from their organization, he assured, which is why they are incorporated into line 4, together with the communal councils and communes, to give greater participation and push to the force. necessary to be able to obtain victory in the 28J residential elections. Among the groups he mentioned: farmers, scientists, middle class, animal activists, social communicators, social comptroller, Francisco de Miranda Front, cultists, grandparents, human rights defenders, athletes, people with disabilities, sexual diversity, environmentalists, educators, entrepreneurs, businessmen, students, archaekeeper, free Alex saab, homes of the country, intellectuals, youth movement, mother cooks, Mothers of the world for the peace of hair, urban masters, technical recycling tables, miners, families, young people, among others.

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