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Maduro warned that the surnames want to resume violence

From the state of Carabobo he declared that after the great victory of July 28, Venezuela will continue in peace

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, warned this Friday from Waikiki, Puerto Cabello municipality, Carabobo state that the surnames want to resume violence, "but I am not going to allow them."

In this regard, Maduro stated that after the great victory of July 28, Venezuela will remain at peace. “We will have before, during and after 28J a great victory in peace.”

In this sense, the National President reiterated that on Sunday, June 9, a cut of the 1X10 will be made, street by street, parish by parish, "because we are going to a perfect victory on July 28."

“We are building the most powerful machinery that has ever existed in the Bolivarian Revolution,” he said.

In this sense, he invited the people of Venezuela to participate in the 1×10 drill to strengthen the power of the vote towards this year's presidential elections. He urged fine-tuning the 1 × 10 machinery for the drill, “each 1 × 10 must be made up of a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25.”

In the latest mobilizations carried out in the different states, the president has emphasized that each 1×10 must incorporate a new voter and another who has never voted for the revolution.

On the other hand, Maduro stressed that he has been loyal and will continue to be loyal to the people. At the same time, the Dignitary asserted that in Venezuela a new economy is being built, "the new welfare State, recovering social rights, and a new democracy with the communes and communal councils."

“We are moving forward step by step, with the new economy, the recovery of social rights and the Great Missions, building a new democracy with the Communes (…) We leave the worst times behind, here what you come is growth, development, prosperity and recovery of our Homeland.”

Waikiki overflowed with town due to Maduro

The people of Carabobo state, in Waikiki Beach, gave a warm welcome full of joy, love, dedication and support to President Maduro. “I wanted to come to Waikiki and we are in Waikiki,” he said, visibly excited, to the town of Puerto Cabello.

“Here in Puerto Cabello, on November 8, 1823, with the liberation of Puerto Cabello, the independence of Venezuela was sealed, so Puerto Cabello and Carabobo play a stellar role in the independence, in the sovereignty, in the power of our Homeland,” said Maduro.

“In a package” Maduro inaugurates the Neonatology Unit of the Prince Lara hospital

During his visit to the state of Carabobo, President Maduro inaugurated, together with the first combatant of the Republic, Cilia Flores, the new Neonatology Unit of the Prince Lara hospital, for the boys and girls of Puerto Cabello.

“Puerto Cabello, here you have your Neonatology Unit, and with the 1×10 we are going to continue advancing (…) This pediatric care unit, first world, in the face of each criminal sanction, our resilience, loving and brilliant solution,” he expressed.

This space has state-of-the-art equipment and 12 neonatology specialists, who guarantee comprehensive medical care for newborns at the health center, as well as other hospitals in neighboring states, also offering timely medical treatments, reports Presidential Press. .

For this inauguration, the Bolivarian Government, through the Community Military Brigades of Education and Health (Bricomiles), provided the assistance center with state-of-the-art equipment and specialists in the area of ​​Neonatology.

In this sense, 20 closed incubators were installed; 3 fans; 20 multiparameter monitors; 20 infusion pumps to administer drip medications; 10 non-invasive ventilation supports; 2 open incubators; 9 phototherapy lamps; 4 neonatal scales; 5 glera vacuum cleaners; 6 neonatal resuscitators; 1 medicine cart, 1 transport incubator, 6 May tables; 21 acrylic cribs; 1 infantometer; 4 procedure lamps; 30 walls for medication administration and 15 cephalic chambers for oxygen.

In this area, services are offered such as: preterm delivery, observation, intensive care, intermediate care and an extramural area to provide specialized care to newborns.

With this action by President Maduro, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will be able to care for all newborns in the coastal strip of Puerto Cabello, with human talent and specialized equipment to advance the specific action agenda and the map of solutions to consolidate the National Public Health System.

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