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Mature to the young: The country of opportunities is Venezuela

The head of state shared anecdotes with young people in the 12th edition of Maduro Podcast

President Nicolás Maduro commented that through the Great Mission Return to the Homeland, the return of many young Venezuelans abroad is being prepared “because the country of opportunities is Venezuela.”

During the 12th edition of Maduro Podcast, the president mentioned that thanks to this Great Mission “we are connecting with all the boys, with all the migrants, with great strength to give them legal support, regularize their situation, give them support with lawyers so that confront the abusers there in Colombia, in Ecuador, in Chile, in Peru.”

He added that they are preparing the return of young people to provide them with educational, economic, and technical support. “There is no way to have your friends, your neighborhood, your community, your family by your side. That is priceless,” she highlighted.

In the podcast, Maduro had seven young Venezuelans as guests, with whom he shared anecdotes from his childhood, his sporting activity, values, as well as different topics that interest the country's new generations.

“I always say to you, the youth, imagine what happened to me as president. People asked for sanctions to harm the country (…) which they almost completely achieved, for Venezuela to unravel, to become espalillada,” he expressed.

He explained to his guests that the nation's income went from 56 billion dollars annually to only 700 the following year. “With that we had to breathe, hold on, make a strategy, a program and start the process with patience, with intelligence, to call everyone together,” he said.

Discipline in sport

President Maduro recalled his time as an athlete: “my father made me play organized baseball at the age of 10 and I played organized baseball until I was 20, 22 years old when I was already dedicated to other things.”

He highlighted that at that time he learned “discipline, will; overcoming difficulties, going beyond what the body gives you.”

Overcome adversity

When asked by one of the young guests how he overcomes adversity, the president expressed that he has more and more faith in God, because he has seen “his hand in my life (…) In the worst situations I always remember my mother saying: God will provide, it must be said three times (…) and God provided.”

He noted that in each circumstance it is necessary to establish a work method and organize the problems. “You have to get the best people to work on the issue (…) learn to work as a team, not rely on a single criterion and have patience,” she advised.

Justice redeems you from errors

Maduro admitted that one of his mistakes was trusting too much in “traitor and corrupt” people, as well as having given them power that they did not deserve.

“But, just as I gave them to them, I investigated them, I discovered them and they ended up in jail,” he said.

He clarified that “there may be a mistake, there may be guilt, but one is redeemed when one does justice and when one acts authentically.”

Don't let your arm be twisted

The President of the Republic highlighted the firmness he has maintained in the face of the pressure and blackmail that they have tried to impose on him, and revealed why he has not given in his position.

“If I let them twist my arm, they're going to twist it later on. They are going to twist the arms of all the people who love this country "and we will go from being proud of our heritage" to being a colony country, "she pointed out.

He noted that “Venezuela is in the minds of the empires”, in that sense, he highlighted that the presidential election on July 28 is “almost a world election.”

Social Media

Finally, Maduro emphasized that there has never before been a means of communication that could influence so many millions of people like social media.

“So the issue of social networks, of culture, of identity, of the spiritual strength of people, is a topic of the first order. I started talking about the new era and I gave it a surname: 'New Era of Transition to Socialism', because we must build a different, alternative society,” he argued.

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