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Maduro to the gringos: if they want oil, pay it in cash

He requested the reactivation of the Los Taques Wind Farm and the start-up of the desalination plant at 100%.

The President of the Republic during his visit to Paraguaná, specifically in the Los Taques sector of the Falcón state, where he reiterated that he has managed to reverse the consequences of the sanctions that had managed to stop oil production, for which he warned imperialism that "if they want They must pay for our oil, bill upon bill, cash,” he stated.

“The patarucos want to give it to them for free and they want to give our wealth to the gringos so that we can be a oil colony"He said.

Maduro insisted that the opposition is preparing an ambush and that from here the people must reject any attempt at violence in their desire to turn the country into a gringo colony. “They have already exhausted fraking and that is why they took the sanctions against Venezuela and the dirty work of requesting the sanctions was done by the opposition,” he said.

Walking the road

The President, mounted on the stage, assured that when he arrived “he was keeping an eye” on the Los Taques sector, so he called for attention to the Minister for Electrical Energy, Gerardo Márquez, to take charge of the reactivation of the Park. Los Taques Wind Power.

“He comes to me tomorrow, at 8 in the morning and he draws up the plan with the Community Councils and puts the entire wind farm into operation, one hundred percent,” he said.

Likewise, he requested an appointment with the Minister for Water, Marco Torres, giving him 30 days to put the Los Taques Desalination Plant into 100% operation.

To the streets to celebrate the victory

Maduro also asked for the unity of the people, organization and prayers to go towards a great victory on June 28. “We are winning but we should not believe in triumphalism. We have to give these people a fight, we have to beat the fascists by knockout.

He asked all the people to “take to the streets on July 28,” once the National Electoral Council has given the final results of the presidential elections and has announced the victory of the Bolivarian Revolution. “I will never let you down,” said Maduro

“When I see them celebrating the peace of each square and each avenue, I will look at the sky and I will thank the Heavenly Father, Bolívar and Chávez and I will say from my love for our people, long live Venezuela, my Beloved Homeland,” he stated.

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