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Larenses celebrated the visit of President Maduro

The arrival of the National President became an uproar

The inhabitants of the Simón Planas municipality (Sarare) in the state of Lara received the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, this Thursday who visited the properties of the El Maizal Commune for the start of the 2024-2025 winter planting plan.

The arrival of the first National leader became a hubbub for sharing with the community members, among them the boys and girls who welcomed with songs and expressions of brotherhood stood out.

In said commune there were also 500 urban producers who received tools for the production of conucos sponsored by the Urban Agriculture portfolio and the Government of Lara state under the direction of Governor Adolfo Pereira, who, by the way, became the first state president in invest in conuquero kits, with the aim of expanding coverage and thus supporting more urban producers.

The El Maizal Commune has excelled in the work of popular power by establishing itself as a food producer in total harmony, with the environment and in the hands of community members aware of their contribution to food sovereignty.

Within the aforementioned commune there is agricultural activity, agricultural with a social fabric constituted by Social Production Companies (EPS) dedicated to all stages of the traditional productive chain, generating a new cost structure and use of food production that has been an example for other experiences in the country.

Upon leaving Simón Planas, President Maduro went to the town of Palavecino (Cabudare) where he delivered an urban development consisting of 80 new apartments in a second stage, located in the José Gregorio Bastidas parish. This is the 5.000.000th milestone of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission.

His tour continued through the Los Rastrojos sector of the aforementioned Palavecinense parish, where hundreds of people gathered to applaud and celebrate their visit to the town, which is a metropolitan area, with the Iribarren municipality (Barquisimeto).

It is noteworthy that President Maduro covered Lara inch by inch, knowing that he traveled part of it on foot and part of it by vehicle from the border municipality, with the state of Portuguesa (Guanare), which is Simón Planas (Sarare), to Barquisimeto, capital of the state. Lara.

The joy and satisfaction of the inhabitants of this state was felt in sharing with who is also the candidate of the revolutionary forces for the next presidential election, on July 28 of this year. Such political emotionality could be observed with the number of kisses, hugs, high fives and other expressions of affection towards Maduro.

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