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La Vega demonstrated against the blockade and in support of Maduro

Representatives of the Libertador municipality, deputies of the Legislative Council and the AN mobilized with the people of the popular parish, to express their rejection of those who requested sanctions

From the La Hoyada sector, in the La Vega parish of Caracas, a march was held this Thursday led by the mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, in repudiation of the “criminal blockade” and in support of President Nicolás Maduro.

Likewise, Nahum Fernández, Head of the Government of the Capital District, as well as deputies to the National Assembly, representatives of the UBCH and the Chavista militancy, mobilized through the main streets of the popular parish with the purpose of holding an act to express the reasons for which those who requested sanctions against Venezuela must be repudiated.

In direct contact with the inhabitants of La Vega, who came out of their homes and businesses to greet them, the PSUV representatives showed their satisfaction with the ability to attract people.

They reiterated that it is important for the people to be aware that an extremist sector of the opposition now intends to go to the elections with a candidate, when until recently they called for sanctions, invasions, and intervention of foreign powers to overthrow the Bolivarian government.

However, they noted that thanks to the reasoning capacity of the Venezuelan people, these sectors have been repudiated and will continue to be rejected since with their actions they have shown how little they care that Venezuelans can live in normal conditions, as they do anywhere. part of the world whose government is not besieged by imperial countries.

On her account on the social network X, the mayor of Caracas Carmen Meléndez showed the crowd that gathered in La Vega. “Hope is in the streets!” she exclaimed.

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