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Youth raises their voice in support of Maduro

In the Youth and Students Walk, young people demand that Washington end sanctions and highlight achievements of the National Government

This Friday the Youth Walk against imperial sanctions and in defense of the future takes place.

Thousands of young people gather in the city center, waiting for the start of the route through the avenues of the Libertador municipality.

The walk will depart from the Liceo Andrés Bello, located a few meters from the metro station in Parque Carabobo, in the La Candelaria parish. The route is established from Universidad Avenue, La Bolsa corner, the Vice Presidency of the Republic, Urdaneta Avenue, Llaguno Bridge and Miraflores Palace.

Génesis Garvett, president of the Great Young Venezuela Mission, expressed that the youth are in the streets to tell Washington that it will not be able to steal the will or the future from the young people, “because we are defending it hand in hand with President Maduro, who listen".

He highlighted that education has been one of the most important demands, the banner of the Bolivarian Revolution, which is why - he stated - “the will to build a country shines in all young people.”

Michel Delgado, coordinator of the Bolivarian Student Organization, stated “we are going to bring proposals to the president in attention to the students of the country, because he supports and defends us.”

"In 25 years of revolution, the student has been the protagonist of the Government's love and that is why all of us Secondary Education students have come out to support and give our love to the Bolivarian Revolution."

Earlier, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, spoke on his X account to greet the young people who were beginning to gather to participate in this great demonstration of support.

“Youth is the generation that will have in their hands the destiny of a free, sovereign, autonomous and independent Venezuela. I trust in the students who every day train, grow, raise their voices, mobilize and inform, through the networks, about the truth of our Country. I fully trust you and everything you can achieve!”

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