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Juan Carlos Monedero: I see in Maduro the radical commitment to the people

The Spanish political scientist highlights the joy and enthusiasm with which the people accompany the head of state on the streets.

One of the things that the Spanish political scientist Juan Carlos Monedero observes in the president's mass events Nicolás Maduro It is the joy and enthusiasm “of the people in the street as I saw it when I was here with Chávez.”

Monedero had just left an event in the Niño Jesús neighborhood, Sucre parish, Caracas, where Maduro This Saturday a mission base was inaugurated. The Spanish professor also observes “the radical commitment to the people” expressed by President Maduro.

The analyst says that in Niño Jesús, a neighborhood on the border with El Junquito, these things come together: the enthusiasm of the people, the commitment of the President and his closeness to the people. “I think that very few politicians in very few places in the world can take to the streets with this joy, counting on the fact that the people are going to take care of them,” Monedero reflected as we go in the same vehicle to La Yaguara, to the second activity that Maduro made on Saturday. That is, the reopening of a construction panel factory.

On the way, Monedero lowers the glass to record a couple coming in the motorized caravan showing some dolls of Chávez and Maduro.

While he records with his cell phone, we ask him for an analysis of the Venezuelan presidential pre-campaign. “I see a very divided opposition; A part of it is indebted to Guaidó, from those who stole the wealth of this country; I see an opposition that does not have a project for Venezuela,” he commented, already arriving at Maduro's second act.

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