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Jorge Rodríguez: Let's all participate in the drill this Sunday

Head of the Venezuela Nuestra Command highlighted that this 30J the immense mobilization force of the revolutionary machinery will be tested

This Friday, Jorge Rodríguez, head of the Venezuela Nuestra del Siglo XXI Campaign Command, invited all Venezuelans to participate in the mock voting planned by the National Electoral Council (CNE) for this Sunday, June 30, in which he stated that to the test the immense mobilization of forces of the reinforced revolutionary electoral machinery.

“Let's all go to the drill, the call is for everyone to join in this Sunday,” urged Rodríguez when offering statements to media representatives.

In this regard, he explained that they have reinforced the machinery not only with the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), as other forces have been incorporated, including the Claps; Militias; Communes and Social Movements; Indigenous and Aboriginal movements; Patriotic Pole matches; along with the Missions, Great Missions and the Mission Bases.

“This generates an immense mobilization force that we are going to test this Sunday, June 30, in the drill,” said the head of the Venezuela Nuestra Command.

“This means that we are scientifically approaching the perfect machinery and we want to test it with you on June 30,” emphasized the president of the National Assembly (AN).

He pointed out that the heads of UBCH will concentrate at the corresponding voting centers that are at the point and circle, together with the representatives of the different blocks and the 1×10.

“We are going with all our strength to the electoral event on July 28 and we are going to prove it, we are going to mobilize with joy with songs, with agitation in the vicinity of the voting centers in all the 335 municipalities of the country,” he expressed.

He also urged the political parties of the Great Simón Bolívar Patriotic Pole to join the drill with their 1×10.

Drill will be carried out in all municipalities of the country

In his speech before representatives of the press, Jorge Rodríguez He highlighted the significant number of electoral centers arranged by the CNE for the deployment of the simulation with 1.174 voting stations in 666 parishes of the 335 municipalities of the country.

Likewise, he reported that there is a system for people to check the center where they must vote in the simulation.

In this sense, he urged send a text message with the identity card number to 2406 to receive a message in which they will indicate the center where you should vote.

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