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Jorge Rodríguez: The bets give the winner even in the US to Maduro, the pinto rooster

He revealed that the Patarucos no longer talk about victory, but they continue to promise the United States to betray the people and hand over Guayana Esequiba.

The general coordinator of the “Venezuela Nuestra” campaign, Jorge Rodríguez, stated that “now you will see the Patarucos have a hard time with the great victory of 28J”, alluding to the famous verses of the poem “Florentino and the Devil” by the writer Alberto Arvelo Torrealba. .

Rodríguez, who was in the state of Apure reviewing the organization of the 1×10 electoral machinery, recalled that the extremist position "is face to face, all shaky, but we have our rooster."

Jorge Rodríguez revealed that the patarucos no longer talk about victory and the bets give the winner even in the US to President Maduro's gallo pinto.

They are coming to ask for the vote from those trembling patarucos who asked the people to suffer, Rodríguez told the crowd and urged them not to be fooled. “They will not return,” answered the people present.

He stressed that "it is so true that the same opposition that lobbied to request sanctions against the entire Venezuelan people is now coming to ask for their vote, but we already know the plan of the extremist opposition that wants to be like Milei or Bolsonaro."

He warned that they are going to privatize education, health, PDVSA is the first thing they will do if they win…”and they also promised Guayana Esequiba to ExxonMobil, to the US Government. That is what is at stake, centaurs and centaurs of Apure,” said Rodríguez.

In this same order and recounting the entire process that Venezuela and its people have been going through, he maintained that “now that we have defeated the sanctions and prosperity is coming because we defeated them and we are going to defeat the patarucos again,” while making a call to reflect that some officials “put the people through work.”

Bets in the US lean in favor of Maduro

In a clear speech, Jorge Rodríguez mentioned once again that “it is materially impossible for them to beat us, he swore it on my dead father”, in this sense he highlighted that victories are built and that for this reason the 1×10 machinery would not You must trust and consequently do the work of contacting each member of your list.

Rodríguez argued that for this reason the Patarucos "no longer talk about victory, but they continue to promise the United States to betray the people and hand over Guayana Esequiba."

It should be remembered that according to the betting house polymarket —the largest prediction market in the world— Nicolás Maduro is the favorite for the presidential elections on July 28 with a ratio of 4 to 1 over Edmundo González.

With a chance of 82%, Maduro is what in horse racing is called the line. Gonzalez second with 18%. Antonio Ecarri and Javier Bertuccci also appear, but with less than 1% each, that is, “they have no chance” would say one commentator.

Invitation to the drill for 28J

“With the 1×10 – created by Chávez – we have the largest electoral machine on this continent and in the world,” he exalted, “but we have to truly create that 1×10, which is what Maduro calls us to do now; to call each of those 10 members,” he said.

In that sense, he predicted that the “Apure state must come first in the drill that is the day after tomorrow,” which is why he called for joining in every space and corner, to catapult a resounding defeat to the “sellers of the country” who with the drill This coming Sunday, June 9, will be a clear path to what will happen on June 28.

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