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Jorge Rodríguez: victory has to be built now

The General Coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign indicated that the Street, Community and UBCH Leaders are fully geared to achieve victory

The General Coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign, Jorge Rodríguez, pointed out this Saturday that the victory is being built day by day with the mobilizations, messages and especially with the 1×10 machinery.

This was stated during a meeting with PSUV structures, in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state.

He indicated that it was found that the 1×10 of the Street, Community and UBCH Leaders, after being audited, are completely geared towards achieving victory.

Rodríguez, who stated that “victory has to be built now, and not on July 28,” indicated that from 6 in the morning the 1×10 must be deployed in the voting centers and we will not leave until we achieve victory.” .

For Rodríguez, truly efficient machinery is what guarantees victory.

He commented that the extreme right “is currently trying to cover up the deep divisions it has within itself and also trying to hide reality.”

In this sense, he said that they are a true sanction because, in the event that they are denied access, as they have accessed, to positions of power, the first thing they are going to do is steal and the second thing they are going to do is hand over the wealth of Venezuela. to its true owner, which is the Government of the United States.”

He said that the people of the Maracaibo and San Francisco municipalities are victims of far-right mayors, who only resort to makeup, psychological warfare and trying to deceive voters.

Rodríguez condemned that the same people who requested the sanctions attempted a coup d'état, those who burned people because of their skin color or because they consider that they may be Chavistas; Those who stole the money from Monómeros, those who stole Citgo, those who stole the assets that Venezuela has abroad, those are the ones who are now asking for the vote.

Earlier, Rodríguez accompanied the president during a crowded demonstration in the vicinity of the Basilica, where hundreds of people came to greet the president, who broadcast the activity live through his Tik Tok account.

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