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Jorge Rodríguez: The strength of the people will defeat violent groups

The head of the Venezuela Nuestra Command described it as an aberration that violence is being promoted from an embassy and affirmed that the Foreign Ministry is already acting on the matter.

This Friday, during a press conference, the head of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez, highlighted the importance of the people remaining in the streets this July 28 after voting to defend the victory and to defeat the groups that intend to resort to violence.

In this sense, he stated that with the presence of the population in the streets it will be easier to deactivate the violence plans that some sectors intend to activate in the country.

He pointed out that there is no doubt that there are plans to generate situations of violence, but there is no doubt that these are going to be annulled by the Venezuelan State, by the Republic Plan and by the force of Venezuela.

“That is why we have called and insisted not only to vote on July 28, but to vote and stay in the street defending the vote and defending our victory,” he expressed. “Because the strength of the people has always managed to minimize, isolate and defeat those tiny groups that move towards violence,” he added.

During his speech before representatives of the press, the head of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command emphasized that the attacks against Venezuela have always been defeated in peace and with votes, and affirmed in this sense that violence and privatization will be defeated on the 28th. of July.

“We are going to respond to them as we Venezuelans know how to do with joy, with peace, with strength, with music and above all with votes,” he said.

Foreign Ministry took action on the matter

Rodríguez reiterated that while there are sectors that are working on the electoral campaign, there are others that are trying to structure a non-electoral matrix, not even to seek the vote but to sow violence using fascist terms such as: commandos, legions, centurions, Alfa groups , Delta groups, etc.

“There are sectors of Venezuelan political life that are not campaigning, what they are doing is concentrating a group of legions to generate violence,” he denounced.

In this sense, he recalled that all those groups that intend to sow violence on July 28, and that will be neutralized both by the forces of the State and by the force of millions of Venezuelans, are being created and coordinated from the Argentine embassy violating all norms and the principle of non-interference.

In this regard, he stated that they intend to boycott the electoral process and – curiously – claim fraud long before the electoral event occurs.

Likewise, he stressed that it is an aberration that acts of violence are being planned from a diplomatic headquarters.

“Have no doubt that the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has already taken action on the matter and is communicating with the diplomatic representatives of the Argentine Republic,” he reported.

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