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Jorge Rodríguez: The right is coming to end the missions

He denounced that those who asked for sanctions “are trying to wash their face” by asking the people they punished to vote.

The head of the “Venezuela Nuestra” campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, toured the streets of the Anzoátegui state with the people of that eastern entity, alerting them that one of the unspeakable purposes of the right-wing leaders is to strip the people of the system. of Missions and Great Missions.

“We already know their plans to end the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, to take away the homes that Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro built for the people… what they are coming for is robbery, looting; "That's why they looked for those jerks," Rodríguez said in reference to the candidates who, in his opinion, represent the interests of Washington.

In this sense, he said that the extreme right candidates "had their knees wiped out from kneeling before the gringos" and asked the people of Anzoatiguense if they are willing to "vote for someone who kneels" or for someone "who is willing to give away our wealth, our oil, our fishing, our agriculture to the gringos.”

Rodríguez recalled that these extremist sectors of the Venezuelan right, who are now asking for the population's vote, are the same ones who asked for the economic sanctions that have caused so much damage to the country.

“They are the same people who were in their mansions in Madrid, in Miami and now they are trying to wash their face and are going to ask the people they attacked and attacked so much for the vote,” denounced the head of the 'Venezuela Nuestra' campaign command. ', while remembering that while this was happening "there was a man loyal to his people, who together with his people fought them (the sanctions) and together with his people defeated them", in reference to President Nicolás Maduro.

The safest country in Latin America

In the mass event held in the state of Anzoátegui, Jorge Rodríguez defended that today the country can proudly say that thanks to the policies implemented in terms of security, today Venezuela is considered the safest nation in the region.

“From this land of peace, they (the opposition) wanted violence to return, insecurity to return; and today we have to say it with pride: Venezuela is the safest country in South and Central America,” he said.

He added that the economic powers linked to the extremist right wanted “the disunity between Venezuelan men and women to return again. We tell them that voting for Maduro is voting for peace. Voting for Maduro is voting for economic prosperity. Voting for Maduro is voting so that Venezuela, once and for all, becomes a medium power in science and technology.”

In the mass event, the head of the 'Viva Venezuela' campaign command was accompanied by the governor of the entity, Luis José Marcano and thousands of militants and sympathizers of the Bolivarian revolution.

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