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Jorge Rodríguez: The right marked the route for the US to steal Citgo

Rodríguez highlighted that our country was not allowed to go to court to defend its legitimate right over this set of refineries.

The Venezuelan right, under the guidance of Juan Guaidó, Leopoldo López and Julio Borges, showed the United States (USA) the route so that they could steal Citgo from us, assured the president of the National Assembly (AN). Jorge Rodríguez, who recalled that the country was also not allowed to defend its assets.

During a debate in the plenary session of Parliament about the theft of Citgo by the US, Rodríguez recalled how the “attorney” appointed by the supposed “interim government” of Guaidó recommended that the Cristalex company use Citgo to act against Venezuela .

“They are so shameless that Guaidó asks Cristalex's advisor to participate in the Cristalex trial, as part of his spurious government. "He appointed a Cristalex employee to deliver Citgo," he said, while ensuring that the members of the so-called "interim government" have diverted the dividends that Citgo provided to "live like kings abroad."

“Guaidó made a zamuro eat meat, a Cristalex employee defend Citgo,” he said.

“We used that money that came from that refinery mainly to provide health care to our boys and girls. Imagine for a moment, if they did that with the fantasy government they set up, what tragedy would occur in Venezuela if those thieves, barbarians, came to take power in the country. If they put one of them as a moron, we run the risk of being left without a country,” Rodríguez reflected.

“They built hoax upon hoax to take over Venezuela's main asset abroad, the Citgo refinery system, which was also a highly desired loot by those who hold real power in the US,” said Rodríguez.

Venezuela was not allowed to defend its assets

Likewise, Rodríguez highlighted that Citgo was stolen from our country since Venezuela was not allowed to go to court to defend your legitimate right about this set of refineries.

In this regard, he pointed out that, at the request of the right, the US court handling the Citgo case began the auction by secretly receiving the offers in the Delaware court, which is nothing other than tearing up Citgo and handing it over to the government of USA.

“They asked the gringos to wait until after the elections to sell Citgo but the court has already accepted the offers. The company is being delivered at a ridiculous price because the assets of that company amount to 21 billion dollars,” he highlighted. “Let Gerardo Blyde deny me if I am lying,” he said.

“We must be barbarians and stateless people, those who are the cause of this, Horacio Medina, the one who stopped the oil industry during the government of Commander Chávez, that is the president of Citgo appointed by them, who earns more than 4 million dollars annual fees and the dividends are distributed among them,” he said. He recalled that Guaidó approved a bond payment of 71.000 million dollars for Citgo's creditors, "they are barbarians," he said.

Next, the president of the Venezuelan parliament read a message posted on the social network

“The United States is inaugurating the Venezuelan-owned oil company with the process @CITGO– a dangerous form of international expropriation that seeks to invalidate its property titles in the USA worth 21.000 million dollars to deliver them, without Venezuela being able to exercise its right of self-defense, to the company's national creditors. This financial blow helps little or nothing to the electoral process that is currently taking place in the neighboring country. Forcing elections to be held amid sanctions is a subtle but effective way to intervene in the right of voters to vote freely without having a shotgun like this in the back of the head,” reads Samper's message.

He stressed that “part of the hoax” of Guaidó and José Ignacio Hernández as “special attorney” of his government and advisor to Cristalex, using the North American legal figure called “alter ego” to go against Citgo to respond to some debts. from the Republic pending to the Canadian, Cristalex.

Likewise, he emphasized that the opposition already offered the US and its allies to give them Guayana Esequiba if they helped them take power. “They already offered it to Exxon Mobil, who wants to steal our oil and take it for nothing,” he said, while ensuring that after the revolutionary victory on July 28, the Venezuelan people will tell the gringos “if you want our oil, you pay for it.” at what it costs.”

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