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Jorge Rodríguez to those who asked for sanctions: We have accounts receivable

From Cabudare, he stressed that those who caused great suffering to the people by requesting sanctions, now ask for your vote

The head of the Venezuela Nuestra campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, assured that the Venezuelans, guided by Maduro, defeated North American imperialism and its Venezuelan lackeys by overcoming all the difficulties caused by the sanctions and the covid-19 pandemic.

He continued by saying that the sanctions imposed by imperialism, at the request of the Venezuelan right, sought to kill the Venezuelan people by poverty.

“They are dragged and from their mansions they asked for sanctions, when the President was next to the people. It must be said very clearly, with these people we have accounts receivable.” This was stated by the Psuv campaign manager, Jorge Rodríguez, from Cabudare, Palavecino municipality, Lara state, when addressing the crowd that gathered demanding the lifting of sanctions, and in support of President Nicolás Maduro.

He exclaimed that "they believed that with these sanctions they were going to achieve the surrender of this untamed and free people, they believed that by asking for invasions they were going to intimidate this people and, brothers and sisters, exactly the opposite has happened," he pointed out.

Demonstrating his satisfaction for being under the sun of the land where he was born, Rodríguez said that the "people took to the streets" when they were provoked by some "dragged, face and board."

He wondered where those who are now asking the people to vote were, when they have been fighting against the sanctions for years.” They were in their mansions in Madrid, in their mansions in Costa Rica, in Miami (...). Where were those who stole the money from Citgo, from the town, from Monómeros” he exclaimed.

He recalled that “the hatred of surnames” is intolerant of the fact that Maduro has stood firm before his people, and said that the President invented a method that has allowed the difficulties to be overcome.

“For every sanction there is a solution. “They tried to prevent the Covid vaccines from arriving and we went on planes from one country to another, until the vaccines for the people arrived completely free,” said Rodríguez.

“They were stealing the gold in England, the gold that we needed to care for our seniors, to whom I send a giant kiss on Senior Citizens' Day,” he indicated.

Rodríguez said that now, those who "dragged the gringos" come to wash their faces, to ask for the vote of the people to whom they have caused immense suffering.

“Now we know how carried away they can be, how criminals and hyenas they can be,” he warned.

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