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Hinterlaces: Maduro leads voting intention with 55,6 percent

The survey reveals that Maduro leads the extremist right-wing candidate by more than 34 points

President Nicolás Maduro and candidate for presidential re-election, leads voting intentions ahead of the elections on July 28, according to a survey released this Friday by the private consulting and polling agency Hinterlaces.

Maduro thus leads the voting intention with 55,6 percent, seconded by the candidate of the extremist right, - whose members have lobbied to request sanctions against the Venezuelan people - Edmundo González with 22,1 percent; a clear advantage for the current head of state of more than 34 points.

In third place is the comedian, Benjamín Rausseo with 5,3%; Claudio Fermín 2,6; Antonio Ecarri 1,5; while Daniel Ceballos occupies sixth place with 1,4 with the intention to vote for each presidential candidate.

For his part, Javier Bertucci, 1,1; José Brito 1%; Luis E Martínez and Enrique Márquez occupy the last positions in the race to Miraflores.

Perception of who will win and willingness to vote

Regarding the perception of who will win, voters affirmed that the forces of Chavismo will sweep 57,3%. Followed by the opposition with 24,4 percent. Don't know, 18,3% do not respond.

The Venezuelan population, when asked the question: How willing are you to go to vote?, indicated that they will vote with 67 percent. While they will not vote, they returned 6 percent respectively.

Maybe I will vote, he indicated at 14%. DK/NR 13 percent.

Finally, when asked which political party do you sympathize with most?, they indicated that 53,2 percent will vote for the Psuv-GPPSB, while 14,3% will vote for the Unitary Platform of the opposition. Other opposition parties 15,4. Others 5.2%. NS/NR 11,9 percent.

This survey was carried out on a national scale by sampling, through 1200 interviews throughout the country, with a margin of error of 3%.

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