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Government of Colombia and ELN sign agreement on the construction of peace

They ask the US to remove Cuba from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism

The Government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN) signed this Saturday in Caracas the first point of the peace agreements: The participation of society in the construction of peace, a text that will soon be presented to citizens, and they demanded the US to remove Cuba from the list of State sponsors of terrorism.

In a joint statement, the parties read the introduction of the agreement and explained that its text includes approaches emanating from dozens of meetings with thousands of representatives of social organizations in all regions of the country, in prisons and even with emigrated Colombians, and incorporates proposals and recommendations that will be socialized for analysis, he outlined Telesur on their web portal.

They ratified their intention to comply with the agreements of the negotiating agenda and carry out comprehensive transformations to overcome the armed conflict. They invited the people to join in democratic participation and thus contribute to peace with transformations.

At the same time, the parties demanded that the US Government remove Cuba from the list of State sponsors of terrorism.

In a statement they read, they considered that the step taken by the Biden Administration to remove the Caribbean nation from the relationship of those who do not cooperate in the fight against terrorism is not enough.

They rejected that any country be subjected to sanctions for hosting a peace dialogue, being zealous with that commitment and guaranteeing the integrity of the negotiators.

The head of the Government delegation, Vera Grabe, valued that the scope of the signed document and the collective debate exercise carried out must be explained to the country, from which the voice of the people and their commitment to peace emanated, a document with thematic axes such as economy, politics, environment, education and culture, which incorporates a focus on gender and women, ethnicity, for the population with disabilities, etc.

We present a synthetic, serious text with a spirit of peace and providing solutions through participation, he expressed.

In turn, the ELN's chief negotiator, Pablo Beltrán, explained that the dialogue table wants to contribute to the changes that are urgently needed in Colombia, and invited people to express their opinions, propose how to solve the country's challenges and commit to the changes.

He urged broad participation and commitment, since the challenges facing the nation go beyond the will of the Government and the ELN. He stressed the importance of a great social and political alliance, of seeking a great national agreement.

He added that this agreement advances point one of Mexico's Agenda on the participation of society in the construction of peace.

Cuba was included on the list of State sponsors of terrorism at the end of the term of former US President Donald Trump (2017-2021).


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