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In a civil-military union, 15 thousand combatants paraded to celebrate 213 years of Independence

Admiral José Hernández Abchi, responsible for the parade, stated that the FANB is "anti-imperialist, anti-oligarch, socialist, loyal and fervently Chavista."

Under the cry oligarchs tremble, Essequibo is ours, Bolivarian National Armed Forces always loyal, never traitors and Chávez lives, the commander responsible for the civic military parade on the occasion of the 213 years of independence, led the troops through the Próceres.

Admiral José Hernández Abchi reported to the President of the Republic that, a total of “15 Mirandino, Bolivarian, Zamorano, revolutionary, socialist, anti-imperialist, anti-colonial, anti-oligarch combatants and today more than ever fervently and deeply Chavista,” the senior officer noted. .

He added that they have been trained, indoctrinated, equipped and trained under the “tactical method of revolutionary resistance, ready and willing to be trained by the Strategic Operational Command, throughout the entire national territory and the aquatic and air spaces. of the Republic".

Military Parade, before starting the Civic-Military parade. Photo: Presidential Press

Russian presence

The officer expressed that "46 combatants from the Russian Federation accompany us, consolidating the strategic, humanist, integrationist and brotherhood ties between two brother states and others."

Don't make a mistake

He also said that an epic is being commemorated, “under the oppression and siege of unilateral coercive measures by the most powerful empire that has ever existed in humanity and its lackeys.”

For this reason, he emphasized that "never make a mistake, because by writing our own independence epics, we are building our own victory after victory, hand in hand with the legacy of our commander Hugo Chávez, with the Bolivarian ideologies of the Liberator, hand in hand with the sacrifice of the liberators and liberators, and hand in hand with the command and leadership, the sacrifice and victory of you, my commander in chief," he said before the President.

The official responsible for the parade exclaimed that “make no mistake, independence or nothing.”

He stressed that “the saltpeter, the dust, the weeds that impregnated the skin of our soldiers and our sailors, in Carabobo and Maracaibo, set the course for the freedom of the south,” he said, while specifying “Venezuelan people, count on his soldiers of our FANB for the coming battles, for peace, for development, for prosperity, for happiness, for health and for the territorial integrity that the Essequibo and its Atlantic façade decisively achieve.”

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