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In networks they rescue a letter in which Machado asks Netanyahu to intervene in the country

In the letter sent by María Corina Machado, she asks Israel to contribute its "expertise and influence" to promote regime change in Venezuela

This Tuesday a letter was released, rescued from social networks, which Maria Corina Machado sent to Mauricio Macri and Benjamin Netanyahu on December 4, 2018 asking for intervention in Venezuela.

In the letter, Machado says he has addressed communications to “several of the main líder"is of the world in order to promote before the United Nations Security Council the adoption of effective protection measures for Venezuela by promoting a change of regime, a measure that necessarily implies a reinforcement of international security," the document states. .

In this sense, it directly asks Israel and Argentina to contribute their “expertise and influence to move towards accurate and urgent decision-making in the Security Council.”

Likewise, in the letter Machado alleges that the alleged “criminal nature” of the “current regime” represents a real threat to other countries, especially Israel.

“It exhibits its close collaboration with Iran and extremist groups, which, as we all know, threaten Israel in an existential way and have acted in Argentine territory,” he indicates.

Later in the text he states that “without a regime change in our country, hemispheric and global security are at risk.”

Below is the full content of the communication issued by the far-right opponent.

Letter sent by María Corina Machado to Benjamin Netanyahu and Mauricio Macri on December 4, 2018. Photo: Social networks

The communication was made known on social networks and reviewed by the journalist from Telesur, Madelein García.

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