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In the regions the electoral simulation flows normally

Across the country, voters flocked to the centers set up to rehearse the presidential vote

According to the reports of the different correspondents of Últimas Noticias, in the different regions of the country, the day of the electoral simulation has flowed completely normally and with a large influx of people, who heeded the call of the Electoral Power and went to the various electoral centers active for this purpose.

Next, we will develop the details of the different reports:

active carabobo

With massive participation, the Electoral Simulation was carried out in the more than 70 voting centers in the state of Carabobo.

The governor of the entity and national spokesperson for the Campaign Command of President Nicolás Maduro, Rafael Lacava, declared that the process took place from the early hours of this Sunday, without setbacks, starting at 8:00 am.

He detailed that in Carabobo, one million 663 thousand 947 voters are called to participate, who represent 7,78% of the total of 21 million 39 thousand 464 Venezuelans who will be able to participate in the presidential elections.

“I want to congratulate the representatives of the Plan República, the CNE and all the popular power (…) We are seeing a great demonstration of democracy, joy and an Electoral celebration. a prelude to what will be next July 28,” he said.

In Mérida they woke up early

Complying with the schedule of activities of the National Electoral Council (CNE). The Bolivarian state of Mérida enabled 58 voting centers early in the morning for the simulation of the presidential elections on July 28.

The Merida electorate participated in a peaceful and crowded manner at the 149 tables arranged by the CNE in the 23 municipalities of the Merida entity. This was confirmed by Nelson Villareal, a resident of La Pedregosa, in the Libertador municipality (Mérida), who exercised the right to vote at the Josefa Molina de Duque State School, highlighting that it was a quick process, “I voted in less than a minute”; You can go to any centralized voting center with your identity card as the only requirement, Villareal said.

Inhabitants of the JJ Osuna parish of the Libertador municipality (Mérida) attended the voting center for the simulation of the 2024 presidential elections. (Photo: Government of Mérida)

Likewise, Yenire Flores, a first-time voter, said that it was quick and simple, “the members of the electoral team explained to me how the machine worked.” Also through social networks, the high participation of voters in different municipalities of the entity was evident.

Ig @gobernacionmerida 

Cojedeños participated massively

The day flowed completely normally in all the electoral centers.

This Sunday, the people of Cojedes went early in the morning to the 23 electoral centers set up in the state of Cojedes, to participate in the simulation planned in the schedule of the National Electoral Council (CNE), with a view to the upcoming presidential elections that will be held. this July 28th.

The day began at 6 in the morning, the process proceeding completely normally, where the massive participation of voters was evident, as well as leaders of the different political tendencies, who highlighted the high influx of people outside the electoral centers. .

Influx of voters in the 23 voting centers during the drill

The deputy to the National Assembly, Iris Varela, highlighted that they were monitoring the 23 cluster centers arranged by the CNE so that the people become familiar with the voting system, “many people have participated in this drill, I lasted more than 2 hours waiting in line… it is an extremely easy mechanism,” he highlighted.

Representative Iris Varela participated in the La Mapora electoral center, in San Carlos.

He asserted that the people of Cojedeño have a high level of consciousness, "this simulation speaks, in this simulation there is a reading, those of us who aspire for peace and defend the country, those of us who know what has happened here, those of us who know that there are characters who have invoked a war, a military invasion, they have asked for sanctions, a blockade and they have wanted to make our lives more difficult, we know how we have to maintain the peace of the country and continue building a world of progress, happiness and answers through different mechanisms that the Bolivarian government guarantees,” Varela stressed.

A total of 70 centers and 184 polling stations were enabled throughout Táchira for the simulation

The simulated exercise for the electoral process on July 28 serves for political parties to check their machinery.

This was explained by Freddy Bernal, governor of Táchira and national liaison of the PSUV, after carrying out the Simulation process, called by the CNE so that voters become familiar with the new process, especially to check.

“One month before 28J, the following evaluations are carried out to correct and deepen the organization. This proves, once again,

Bernal indicated, where appropriate, that the PSUV checks and allows the evaluation of the PSUV's behavior, which involves the capacity for organization and mobilization.

In Táchira everything went normally. As for the Republic Plan, 1500 troops were deployed. Like the CNE?

In Nueva Esparta, citizens actively participated

In the state of Nueva Esparta, citizens demonstrated their commitment and active participation in the exercise of their right to vote in the Electoral Simulation, organized by the National Electoral Council (CNE), with the aim of testing the electoral system and familiarizing voters. with the voting process for the next presidential elections.

During the day, a large influx of people of all ages could be observed attending the 29 voting centers set up to simulate the electoral process. Citizens were enthusiastic and willing to collaborate with the electoral and military authorities that were deployed through the Republic Plan to guarantee peace and security during the process.

The commander of the Comprehensive Maritime and Island Defense Region, Alm. Ashraf Suleiman Gutiérrez highlighted the drill as an opportunity to strengthen democracy and promote citizen participation.

“The Bolivarian National Armed Forces, through Operation Republic directed by the operational Strategic Command in perfect civic-military fusion, guarantee the peace and tranquility of this process and the future electoral process on July 28, where all Venezuelans must participate with tranquillity. Trusting that this process will be a transparent process, where each of us can exercise the vote and in this way guarantee the political sovereignty of Venezuelans established in our National Constitution,” said Suleiman.

Likewise, citizens highlighted the simplicity and speed of the process, as well as the transparency and efficiency of the Venezuelan electoral system, which guarantees the legitimacy of the electoral processes.

In this sense, the electoral simulation in the state of Nueva Esparta was a resounding success, evidencing the civic commitment of the population and their interest in exercising their right to vote in an informed and responsible manner.

Civility and democratic character was demonstrated from Falcón

In the state of Falcón, a civic and democratic celebration was held early in the morning with the massive participation of voters who went to the 56 voting centers set up throughout the 25 municipalities of the entity.

The governor of the state, Víctor Clark Boscán, maintained that the atmosphere experienced in the 138 voting stations was one of joy and enthusiasm for knowing the card.

“In Falcón there are 737.855 voters and the walk through the horseshoe is very fast, this day is an example of democratic participation,” he stated.

Electoral simulation takes place with massive participation in Guárico

From the early hours of the morning on Sunday, June 30, the Guariqueño people crowded the 49 voting centers set up in the state for the electoral simulation, ahead of the presidential elections on July 28.

With joy and enthusiasm, young people, adults and grandparents went out to their nearest electoral center to practice voting and become familiar with the voting system, despite the challenging climate that covers part of the plains region.

Governor José Vásquez, after exercising his right to vote at the República del Brasil School Group, in San Juan de los Morros, highlighted the civility and democratic vocation of the voters in the 15 municipalities of Guarique, while ensuring that the electoral process It is done without incident and completely quickly. “People have come to the centers however they can, in canoes, in motors, with the sole purpose of participating in this drill,” Vásquez highlighted.

Anzoatiguenses participated massively in electoral simulation

Without setbacks, this Sunday, June 30, the electoral simulation for the 2024 presidential election began in the 73 voting centers enabled in the 21 municipalities of the Anzoátegui state. At 9 in the morning the National Electoral Council (CNE) reported that 100% of the platform and personnel were installed in the 173 polling stations.

With the accompaniment of the Republic Plan, the massive turnout of voters was controlled. In the so-called pilot centers, the lines of people seemed endless. Older adults and people with disabilities had priority to enter and vote.

After participating, voters stated that the process was simple and fast. According to information from the electoral body, the centers will remain open until 4 in the afternoon, as long as there are no voters in line.

With civility and enthusiasm, Trujillo residents participated in the electoral simulation

In the state of Trujillo, 47 voting centers and 131 polling stations were enabled for this democratic exercise.

In the state of Trujillo, the National Electoral Council (CNE) had 47 voting centers and 131 tables for the simulation for the presidential elections on July 28, where Trujillo residents participated from the early hours of this Sunday with civility and enthusiasm.

Governor Gerardo Márquez exercised his right to vote at the Eloísa Fonseca School in the Valera municipality, who participated in this national exercise for democracy and peace.

“Trujillo people active and mobilized in the different electoral centers,” wrote @gerardomarquez4fpsuv on their social networks.

It should be noted that in the state of Trujillo, 567 voters registered in the CNE were summoned.

Larenses on the street practicing the right to vote from the early hours

This Sunday, June 30, from the state of Lara (Barquisimeto), the inhabitants of this entity report their participation in the 2024 drill, after the Presidential elections on July 28.

Rosario Escalona, ​​who participated in the electoral practice organized by the National Electoral Council (CNE) throughout the territory, from the Ciudad de Maturín school in the Unión parish in the Iribarren municipality, highlighted that she has been part of the civic movement, “where voluntarily, "The people come to exercise their right to vote towards the Presidential elections scheduled for July 28."

On the other hand, Vivieta Figueroa from the El Japon Uno community, lower part, shared: “We find ourselves in this glorious moment and we are willing to defend our country,” adding some reflections according to the ideology of the Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chávez.

“Venezuela is a power and we cannot surrender to the empire. The importance of this electoral process is that we are going to defend Venezuela with all our might, as Commander Chávez did not say,” added Figueroa.

From the social network "X" of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) Lara, specifically from the Iribarren municipality (Barquisimeto) @PsuvIribarrenVe, they have reported with eloquent graphs where you can see the great participation in this electoral simulation of the people of Lara.

Commander Luis Reyes Reyes, coordinator of the Political Council of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), also referred to the importance of complying with the schedule planned by the National Electoral Council ( CNE), and the familiarization of citizens with their right to vote with a fully automated system.

Drill in Yaracuy had high voter participation

In a tour carried out in several centers of Yaracuy, in the context of the celebration of the electoral simulation this Sunday, a high participation of voters could be seen, motivated by knowing how the automated system with which they will face in the next presidential elections works. on July 28.

In the entity, 32 voting centers were set up in the 14 municipalities, where the massive participation of voters was the protagonist in this event that is part of the schedule of activities that the National Electoral Council (CNE) carries out in order to carry out the elections. elections.

At the Carmen de Ramírez basic school, San Felipe, one of the four electoral centers open in the municipality, the resident of the Juan Carlos Montes sector came to familiarize himself with the system, which he described as fast and extraordinary. “If this is how it is going to be on July 28, then everything will work out quickly and well; We all hope so,” he concluded.

Electoral simulation took place without setbacks in Barinas

The electoral simulation took place without any setbacks in the state of Barinas, where the National Electoral Council enabled 38 centers and 96 polling stations for this day. The Republic Plan guarded the centers and provided all the support, just as the Electoral Branch deployed all the machinery and the teams to start the drill from 6:00 am, without any reports of delays or inconveniences.

The participation of voters and the mobilization of parties was highlighted by the different political actors. The influx of voters was noted at the voting centers and a good participation of older adults, some in wheelchairs, canes or walkers came to familiarize themselves with the system and the horseshoe.

Jaqueline Faria, regional political liaison of the Psuv in Barinas, reported that everything flowed normally and highlighted that the exercise is essential for Venezuelans to prepare for the presidential elections scheduled for July 28. She mentioned that Barinas had a good turnout of voters and highlighted that the Psuv together with the people is heading towards a new victory.

Mirandinos go to voting centers to learn about the dynamics of the elections

Mirandinos filled the 97 electoral centers activated this Sunday so that voters become familiar with the card that will be used in the presidential election on July 28.

The day began very early and without setbacks, the voters lined up to exercise their right to vote in the cluster centers enabled by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Genkerve Tovar, organizer of the Psuv in Miranda, stressed that the National Electoral Council “is giving a class of transparency in this simulation and is going to hold the electoral contest on July 28.”

He highlighted the atmosphere of joy and the participation of the structures and machinery confirmed by street leaders, Ubch leaders, community, parish, municipal and regional political team.

In the Valles del Tuy, 27 electoral centers are operational and in Altos Mirandinos 13. Voters have reported that to exercise their right to vote, the process takes between 5 and 7 seconds.

Guaireños mobilized en masse towards the electoral centers

Governor José Alejandro Terán stated that the simulation exceeded expectations due to the mobilization seen at the electoral centers in the entity.

“It has exceeded the expectations we had; the great mobilization, the people believe that the elections are today,” said Terán after exercising his right to vote at the Emilio Gimón Sterling school in Mirabal, in Catia la Mar.

Accompanied by Deputy Nicolás Maduro Guerra and the mayor of the Vargas municipality, José Manuel Suárez Maldonado, the regional leader reported that no new developments were reported in the 32 electoral centers set up in La Guaira, where 81 voting machines were installed.

He stated that since 7:30 in the morning, 100% of the electoral machines were already working.

Terán also highlighted civility, “the awareness of peace that exists in the streets” and “the fraternity that exists in each of the people who attended to vote to “familiarize themselves with the process.”

Aragüeños rehearsed the vote

To familiarize themselves with the electoral system, in view of what will be the presidential elections on July 28, the people of Aragüeño went from the early hours of this Sunday morning to the 71 voting centers set up in Aragua for the electoral simulation.

The day, which had the support of the state security forces, took place in an atmosphere of joy and civility, where the different organizations with political purposes took the opportunity to test the mobilization of their electoral machinery.

“There is the process, we have people at school from the early hours of the morning. They can come to vote from anywhere at this center or any other center, because it is a drill, that is, computerized data is not being used, but rather it is an exercise so that people know the system and it is easier for people. when it is their turn to vote on July 28,” explained Pedro Verenzuela, coordinator of the Voting Center located at the Francisco de Miranda School in Santa Rita, who indicated that the process progressed completely normally.

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