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In Barinas they light the torch of victory

The town of Sabaneta and the Pedro Manuel Rojas municipality ratify support for Maduro

The youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, in the state of Barinas, lit a torch as a symbol of victory for the upcoming presidential elections on July 28.

The event took place in Sabaneta, Alberto Arévalo Torrealba municipality, at the Eduardo Alí Rangel House of Culture, with the presence of the general secretary of the Jpsuv, Grecia Colmenares, members of the National Directorate of the red awning, the state political team and Mayor Alexander Camacho.

The young people mentioned that the “flame of victory” will travel throughout the country as a symbol of unity and resistance.

In that sense, Grecia Colmenares highlighted that youth are active and demonstrate their commitment to the homeland.

“This fire is not just a flame, it is a cry, a song, an echo of the Revolution that guides us. A fire that reminds us of the fight for social justice, sovereignty and independence. It is the fire of victory, the fire that will be lit on July 28, with our candidate Nicolás Maduro"He said.

People of Rojas support Maduro

The other PSUV day in Barinas was held in the Pedro Manuel Rojas municipality to ratify the support for President Nicolás Maduro.

In this regard, the political liaison for the Rojas municipality, Yamily Contreras, denounced the actions of the opposition that have affected the Venezuelan people.

“The same opposition that faces President Nicolás Maduro today is the one that did not let the covid vaccines arrive, that same opposition that made us endure hunger by hoarding food, the one that blocked this country with its imperialist masters; But these brave people continue to fight against them,” he said.

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