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El Junquito came out to reject the sanctions and support President Maduro

Community of El Junquito recognizes the tireless work of President Maduro to protect the Venezuelan people

The El Junquito parish came out to meet the mayor of Caracas, Carmen Melendez, who led a mobilization this Tuesday to express support for President Nicolás Maduro and repudiate the coercive measures imposed by the US government.

On his social network account X, Meléndez posted “Great EL JUNQUITO! This June 18, the streets of this parish overflowed with happy and loyal people, in support of our President.”

In that sense, it could be observed that from various areas of the parish, the community came out to express their support for the management of the Bolivarian Government.

Street spokespeople made it clear that in the midst of the crisis caused by coercive measures applied unilaterally, it was the President who implemented a series of solutions such as the Clap.

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