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Double serving of crusader on the stove

President Maduro participated in the preparation of the sancocho that was distributed during the meeting of the “Venezuela Nuestra” Campaign Command

“It's getting very cold, we have to look for some ponchos,” commented President Nicolás Maduro, observing the light drizzle that came and went in the Vinicio Adames park. “President, I have some jackets but they are stamped with El Mazo Dando,” Diosdado Cabello, moderator of the television program, told him. “Come on, then,” agreed Maduro, who did not let go of the bowl of cattle crusader with chicken that he had previously stoked with guatacaro firewood.

Maduro places firewood on the improvised stove where the sancocho was held / Presidential Press

After serving the first bowl of soup of the day to his wife Cilia Flores, Maduro joined the tent where the 23 screens corresponding to the same number of states were arranged, plus the one from Caracas, with the faces of the street spokespeople and UBCh.

Before moving to the central table, he stopped to greet the UBC Escuela Ecológica Simón Rodríguez and Liceo Ecológico Nacional Bolivariana Alberto Müller Rojas. The first ones gave him a small pot of soup.

Already at the central table, Maduro warned that the right is not carrying out an electoral campaign, but rather "preparing a big guarimba." But he warned that they will not tolerate hate crimes, against civilians or the military. One of the interactions that Maduro had was with the Chavismo structure of Cota 905, where the Koki gang previously operated. “We have to keep Cota 905 free of violence,” he said.

He took the opportunity to dismiss what is being aired in “biased networks and psychological campaigns… because what matters is the common people.” And it was there when Maduro recommended reading the work published yesterday in Últimas Noticias entitled “81% think that social networks censor for political reasons.”

The President called to be alert because “the extreme right has a group of hitmen throughout Venezuela looking for me, looking for us.” 

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